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  1. We enjoyed meeting you and your family at the martini tasting and then Shakers after!
  2. OK. Follow me on this. We are downloading the NCL app on my 13 year-old daughter's phone so we can text each other while on the ship. To use the app, you must create an NCL account. To create an NCL account, you must be over age 14. You can't tweak the birthdate because then it doesn't match the reservation and it won't work. For those of you who have a teen or child under age 14, HOW did you use the app to text each other while on the ship? Because there has to be a work around. I called NCL and they don't know what to do and plan to run the concern up the chain to be addressed. It doesn't make sense to have a policy you can't create the account until 14 yet 13 year olds go to Entourage which they specifically tell you teens come and go as they wish. So the youngest of teens are the only one who can't communicate with their parents. HA!
  3. Someone said they recently started taking reservations for the Noodle Bar. Can anyone confirm this recent change and, if it is true, where on the ship do you make the reservation? Thank you!
  4. It’s in a weird place. Under “gifts” or something like that.
  5. Have you considered keeping the cash you want for the casino in your room safe and then paying the cash directly to the casino? No fees and no credit card but you still get to play.
  6. Thank you for the updates! We are going soon on this ship -- first time on NCL. When you return, will you PLEASE consider posting a copy or photo of the dailies from your trip? I am desperately trying to find them and haven't been able to. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!! We will keep following along enjoying it along with you!
  7. First, we are going soon on the Breakaway as well. Where have you been looking at Dailies? I have been looking for them like crazy and not finding them. Second, I know there is ping pong, bowling, shuffleboard, mini golf, a library, a room of board games, a giant chess set, a class (for a fee) you can register to take and learn how to pain (Canvas by U I think it is called?), trivia, walking the waterfront, darts, billiards, and a lot of live music, evening parties, dances. Hopefully some of that will appeal to her.
  8. Thank you for your review! We will be on this ship in March! If you find time, please post the Dailies. :) Have fun!
  9. Have a wonderful time!!! We are taking this same cruise in March. If you are willing and remember, do you mind posting copies of your Freestyle Dailies when you return? We aren't sit by the pool and chill kind of people so would love to start looking at what activities are offered and when. Have a great cruise!!!
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