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  1. We’ve recently been to Papeete on Transpacific cruise from Sydney to Honolulu. We had Unique Tahiti booked in Papeete. However there were plenty of tours being offered on the pier for those who had not pre-booked. You will not miss out by not having a tour pre-organised.
  2. As long as the ship gets in on schedule and you opt for self debarkation you’ll be off by 8.
  3. Transpacific from Sydney to Honolulu was fantastic! It is what you make of it.... Make up your own mind & take others opinions with a grain of salt. 😄
  4. Very rarely use cash. All ‘tap & go’ or paying with phone. Most places accept cards and phone payments for even tiny purchases. Enjoy your trip!
  5. Thanks all. I’ve actually been to the outlet mall and thought with an extra unplanned day in Port (Ovation of the Seas) it would be a good opportunity to go. I will definitely go to Ala Moana as well and maybe do the outlet another day for a bit.
  6. Thanks CruiserBruce. Do you know how far it is?
  7. Hi there, we are arriving in Honolulu on the Ovation of the Seas on May 1, staying overnight in port. Would like to head to Waikele Outlet Mall for the day. Aside from hiring a car, can anyone recommend a shuttle service that will pick up and return to the port? Thanks!
  8. Plus the fact that Aussies can’t get cruise cost reduced as prices decrease like in the US.
  9. I believe Radiance is undergoing a refurbishment prior to heading to Brisbane. Has anyone heard of similar plans for Serenade before heading to Sydney?
  10. We are booked on Voyager Jan 2020. Hope this is the case. The ship looks fantastic.
  11. Good hotel, about 10 minute stroll from the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Good price too, I’d book it.
  12. Yes I received this today. This week is the new deployment season, and rumours have been flying about an Oasis class ship heading to Aus 20/21.
  13. It is doable, but everything would have to go according to plan. Personally, I would worry too much that something would go wrong with such a tight time frame. 😉
  14. Taxi rank is on 3rd level. Once you pick up your bags you will be directed to the lifts which will take you directly there. We usually walk off with our bags quite early and have never had a problem getting a taxi.
  15. It’s easy. Just make sure you have the goods(do not have to be sealed) and receipts. Enjoy the cruise 😄
  16. Yes, RCI will allow you to purchase 1 deluxe (alcohol) package for yourself and 1 refreshment package for your son - howver this can’t be done online - you must phone the customer service number. Enjoy!
  17. I second the BBC - it is delicious!!! Easily my favourite Royal drink!
  18. 10.30 or 11am - best start time. Last cruise we did not receive an invitation I had to ask for one from guest services! The room was being used for another activity just prior to the MM, as a consequence everything ran late, food and drinks were not ready or set up and people missed out! No screen names were used, there was no ‘mingling’ - was pretty boring. If you communicate with the other AMs would be great to share this feedback so that changes can happen fleetwide. Thanks for taking an interest 😄
  19. Pretty sure RCI is releasing new deployment schedule mid March. Ive sailed Ovation and loved it, and going again soon - but wouldn’t mind going on Solstice as well....
  20. I couldn’t agree more. He should NOT miss the first night. This is where they’ll meet their friends- much harder to do even the next day.
  21. Jandex

    Lahaina Luau, Maui

    We were also looking at doing the luau - on Ovation 1 may - but don’t want to risk missing the boat....
  22. Interesting that a Road to Hana tour has also just appeared on the Royal Caribbean Ovation cruise planner for early May. Only in Port from 8am till 10pm. Says it’s a 9 hour tour.
  23. Thanks John - great that you enjoyed the cruise - well above and beyond your expectations. Also good to know staff are dealing with the ‘chair hogs’ - it can be quite a contentious issue on many ships... We loved Ovation when we sailed her a couple of summers ago - can’t wait for our next - onboard in 60 days!
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