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  1. I get the offers in Canada. They just don't mail them. I would usually hear about the offers here or on FB then I'd check the clubroyaleoffers website.
  2. Exactly. You don't want to be kicking yourself for not jumping on the bandwagon. I can’t resist a deal. You can still cancel if it is honoured and you have buyers remorse up to 72 hours I believe before sailing.
  3. LOL I was going to use the IKEA reference but was afraid there would be crickets... glad somebody gets it 🙂 I don’t need this package, but I jumped on it anyway just to follow the drama.
  4. Not sure about RFID but they do track every hand that’s dealt. There’s a sensor over each spot where the cards are dealt. I’m not sure how RFID would work unless there were clearly marked spots where to lay the chips. In blackjack the chips could be all over the place if there’s action. The information I received which makes sense to me is they track every hand. The only number that changes in the equation is the average bet which is entered by the pitboss. This way you don’t sit around for hours at a table and only play every third hand and annoy everybody at the table. Each time a player drops a spot or adds a spot the dealer has to key it into the computer.
  5. Your total combined points from April 1 - March 31 2020 will apply towards your status. Since that's already Prime, you will get your free cruise next April. But for now, you earn a cruise certificate based on your level of play on the current sailing.
  6. I’ve not had this problem, maybe because I book immediately when I saw something I wanted. But from what I understand they only allocate certain number of comp rooms. If the offer is good for an entire month, I wouldn’t expect to call on the last day and still have room choices.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Is this the dedicated thread for Club Royale offers? If it isn’t, there should be one. I don’t know why they don’t include a link on the offers site with the offer details. Seems like we get more information here. I’m already booked on Harmony for Sept 1 for the $25K BJ tournament, but have my eyes peeled for other offers.
  8. .... well that story didn't end as I had expected.
  9. We already have this arrangement. Problem was I already took a boys trip back in January, so it would seem unfair to ask for another trip before she could cash in on hers. Also I don’t feel good leaving her with 2 young boys when they’re heading back to school. My balls are properly sized thank you 🙂
  10. Hi, i booked a comp cruise with a friend for the $25K Black Jack tournament on Harmony of the Seas sailing September 1 (Labor Day week). Typically there’s a a deposit of $250 per person right? But in this case, I’m just covering taxes and port fees for 2 which comes to around $230 with 0 balance remaining. I rasied the question of cancelling anytime before sailing. Since cancellation policy just applies to the cruise fare, which is $0, would I get back the port fees and taxes if I don't sail? She told me yes... but I would prefer to hear from anyone with past experience. Technically I’m not under the 90 day window yet, so I would be able to cancel anyway, but I want to know my options. Neither of us has asked our wives yet to travel. Plus I already have a family trip booked in March on the same ship. I could use the excuse as this would be a recon mission 🙂
  11. You must have been betting like a whale then. I play BJ at the $25 or $50 tables and I can come close to 1000 points. Slots is where the points are as by jzx1103. I usually rack up 2000 points just playing slots. I usually play $10 - $20 spin. So the coins come and go quickly.
  12. Are you a US resident? There’s some anti spamming laws that prohibit them from sending emails. That was my issue as I’m Canadian. I just had to provide a US mailing address. Then they need to make sure you opt in for emails.
  13. I just saw it now after logging in Casino Royale May 2019, Offer Type is variable, Offer Code 191RCL508, Trade in Value $750 (my offer) I'm Canadian so they aren't allowed to send me emails for some reason so from time to time I do see the offers but don't know what they are for. So many temping offers though.
  14. Ok, I get it now. But that wouldn't earn you any more points. But having adjoining rooms would be awesome.
  15. You can’t book two offers in your name on the same sailing so how would you get double points that way? Look into upgrading your comp cruise to a Junior suite if you’re chasing points.
  16. I did this attraction on Independence back in March with my 8 year old. It seemed like a great idea at the time. I was weighed, strapped in and VR goggles on. It starts off simple til you get your bearings. But as you bunch they actually lift you higher as the game progresses, over 2 minutes. Since you can’t see the ground, you’re just relying on the visuals in the goggles. But when you feel that it is taking longer to touch the matt, you get these butterflies. Quite intense. Did it a second time with my without the goggles and it was crazy how high you get lifted up gradually after each bounce. Overall it was thrilling. If you had goggles on and the cord snapped, it’s like falling blind folded to the ground. So I’m sure that guy got pretty wrecked. But $10 million wrecked... not sure. i would do it again if it was open, but wouldn’t miss it much if it was replaced.
  17. When you say agent, do you mean Casino cruise agent? I’ve tried with an outside agent once, but never again. There’s no benefit and every time I want to reprice or get info, she’d have to call and speak to a casino rep anyway. Also I almost felt bad about wasting her time every time I wanted to reprice. I see when you use a comp cruise you get it at a larger discount as well when you upgrade. The dollar off just applies to the standard published fares.. which sucks because it’s hardly worth it.
  18. So I finally saw the Prime offer on my account last night then applied it to my sailing next March. When you use the dollar off offers, they price it based off of the public rates you find on the website. A few years back, you would still get a better casino rate as well as your dollars off so it was still a good deal. I booked an ocean balcony with kids sail free on harmony for March which came to around $2800 after $500 casino discount. This price was exactly the same as if I had completed the checkout on the website then subtracted $500. After applying my Prime offer, I was able to upgrade to a junior suite for only $2010 total. So a Junior suite ended up costing me less. After looking at the breakdown, when you take a comped cruise, you get a better cruise fare plus additional discounts applied based on tier. So comped cruises not only enjoy a lower base fare price, also receive additional discounts based on tier. Dollar off offers are hot garbage as long as it’s only a discount against the publicly advertised fares.
  19. Just called Club Royale this evening and the Prime offer still hasn't been added yet. I'm hoping to jump on this offer while the Kids Sail free promo is still running. I booked the room I wanted anyway, so at least I have that going for me. But they're suggesting that the Prime offer would be equal to if not better than kids sail free. We'll see about that.
  20. This certificate was for a balcony room. The certificate I saw posted that had Oasis was an ocean view. I wonder if that’s why. There are other slight changes as well if you compare them side by side.
  21. That makes sense. They take your win/loss ratio into account. Even if you didn't spend a lot of time at the casino, but you took a beating, they'll consider that and give you a $$$ off a future cruise. Example was my brother on the Oasis, got sick on 3rd day from the outbreak. Wasn't able to return to the casino. When I picked up my certificate I asked the host about my brother. She looked him up and said, she'll give him $200 off a future cruise, but when he calls CR, ask them to check his win/loss ratio and they may be able to give him more.
  22. Got back from the Oasis norovirus 2019 cruise last week and I"m Signature. I got my cruise certificate for free balcony, but this is the first I'm hearing about getting ANY cruise less than 8 days. Just asked my wife if we wanted to change our March Break trip with the kids snowboarding in Mt Tremblant, Quebec, to a short cruise instead. So now we're going to book 4 night western on Independence. I spend a bit of time on the slots, but I also play crabs and BlackJack. Obviously every pull can be accounted for very easily on a slot machine and the points awarded accordingly based on the wager. I usually spend $4 - $8 a spin. At a BJ table, I joked to the dealer that she was going too fast, and if she's getting paid by the hand. She says, well they count how many hands she deals. Next time you're there take a look. There are sensors on the Insurance line where the cards are laid out. Once you're seated, your seapass is entered in the system. Each hand is counted as the cards are dealt. The points are determined by your average bet. Usually the pit boss goes around with a clipboard and records your average bet. This is a much better system than land casinos where it's based on time. Some people just sit there and play a few hands, sit around grab a drink chat a bit. If you do that here, you earn nothing. As soon as you skip a bet, you'll see them turn you off on the keypad next to the tray. But yes, you can easily see your slot points from the machine, but you need to ask the host to add up your points to see the table points. One more interesting thing I also learned, you can use your slot points towards your onboard account on the last night. I normally just redeem it for more play, but I suppose it's the same.
  23. Just got back from the news making 2019 sailing of Oasis of the Seas. Clearly the illness did not spread to the casino where I ended up spending most of my time due to being at sea. I received my cruise certificate which is slightly different than another one I saw posted earlier. There was a December sailing inn Oasis which isn’t here now.
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