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  1. Here are some photos of Aft Penthouse 13295 in 2011. It was definitely a quirky layout. We're booked in the same suite in December 2022, so it will be interesting to compare the updates.
  2. Absolutely keep checking the price. A few weeks ago, i checked on our 2022 transatlantic cruise on the epic and the promotion added $600 on board credit with the same cruise fare. Took less than 10 minutes on the phone with NCL to add the OBC.
  3. It is definitely worth it if you are a fan of Deadliest Catch and want to see demonstration of commercisl crabbing and fishing. Also got to see lots of bald eagles that come to feed on bait tossed to them by the crew.
  4. All depends on the cruise and when you initially booked it. We booked a 2022 TA on the Epic early last month and was able to rebook for the exact same price and perks but added $600 OBC. With 700 more days to the cruise, I'll keep watching the fares and jump on any further discount 😉
  5. We haven't been on the Star, but have been on the Dawn and Pearl in aft suites. Deck 10 aft suites are highly recommended since they are deeper than on 8 or 9. Nothing like watching the wake with no wind.
  6. We just rebooked our 2022 Panama to NYC cruise on the Jewel with the new promo. We lost our "free airfare" and $600 OBC, but with the 15% discount, the total dropped by $2200. We'll roll the dice with the airfare, but the $1600 net savings after losing the OBC will buy a lot of airfare for 2 and we regain control of our flights.
  7. This is Nespresso model that was in Aft Suite our last trip in 2018 on the Pearl.
  8. Here issome news from Europe. Not encouraging.... https://news.yahoo.com/second-wave-europe-edge-cases-122000032.html
  9. And in my case, booked in an Aft Penthouse on the Jewel from Panama to NYC in 2022, I checked the new promo fare. While the fare would drop $1395, I would lose the $600 OBC AND flight to Panama and from NYC home. So it's not worth having to buy flights for an unknown amount in 2 years. NCL giveth and NCL taketh away...
  10. That depends on the ship. On Epic and away-class, penthouse suites have haven access. On smaller ships with Haven, most penthouse suites do not have haven access, but do include breakfast and lunch in one of the restaurants.
  11. Nothing can beat the $1900 pp fare we got in 2011 on the Epic for an AFT PENTHOUSE with HAVEN ACCESS from Barcelona to Miami 13 night cruise. I think we also had about $400 OBC. We'll never see those fares again!
  12. The cruise we are on is an 11 night repositioning cruise from Fuerte Amador through the canal to New York. Right now, NCL is providing reduced airfare. https://www.ncl.com/cruises/11-day-panama-canal-from-panama-city-to-new-york-curacao-and-cartagena-JEWEL11FAMCTGSMRWILKRASTTSJUGDTNYC?destinations=4294961383&embarkationport=4294936975&sailMonths=4294940504&numberOfGuests=4294953449&sortBy=price_high_low&autoPopulate=f&from=resultpage&itineraryCode=JEWEL11FAMCTGSMRWILKRASTTSJUGDTNYC
  13. Haven't been to Panama yet, but we're looking forward to boarding the Jewel in Panama City and sailing through the canal to NYC in January 2022. We were going to be on the Joy for a partial transit in January 2021, but decided to wait another year.
  14. We just got a 15 lb. shipment and it does come in 3 sealed 5 lb bags, so going stale isn't that big of a problem. We think Munchie Crunchie is so much better than anything else you can buy.
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