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  1. Hopefully that video works! I was playing around with Google photos and tried out the movie option .
  2. 6FFD0BC5-AA9F-4FC5-9E2A-EA64D3C26130.mp4
  3. Thank you, we really had a wonderful time on this cruise. I can’t say enough about the pre cruise City Stay package and all the excursions we booked through Celebrity. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Here is the menu from the Veuve Cliquot dinner we attended. This was very pricey, and I’m not sure we would have done this if we didn’t have obc to use.
  5. Here’s a photo of the menu from the Chef’s Table as well as the book we were given at the end of the meal. We were not charged anything additional for the wine pairings (we had the premium package). The service was excellent, and the head chef was really personable. My absolute favorite dish was the short rib. Sorry for the lack of photos of the food, but did not want to interrupt the flow of the meal by taking pictures.
  6. Thank you! We were on the Summit a few years ago to Bermuda and it was one of our favorite cruises.
  7. Due to the school year calendar I can only travel during school vacations. We’ll be on the Summit on the 7/19/20 sailing.
  8. The excursions in Marseille and Villefranche were through Celebrity. They were well organized with great guides and drivers 👍
  9. We just returned, and did a tour of the spa. Our cabin category was CS, and we were told a week pass for two would be 399.00.
  10. Final thoughts on the cruise: This was a port intensive itinerary, so we really did not spend that much time on the ship. This is something to keep in mind if you are really interested in visiting these ports, but don’t want to pay the higher prices of the Edge. The public areas we did have a chance to spend time in we really loved. Eden is beautiful. We loved the performance, but can understand if it’s not for everyone. Hot Summer Night’s Dream was a great show. We also enjoyed the vocalists a few times in Eden. The art work around the ship is worth the time to explore. There is a book in the cabins that is really helpful as it lists the artwork by location with information about the pieces. I have a few more photos to add, including the menus from the Veuve Cliquot and Chef’s Table dinner. The cabin really had some functionality issues. When you are paying that much money for a suite you shouldn’t have to worry about the bathroom floor getting soaked when you take a shower, bumping into the protruding legs of a rocking chair, or disposals in the bathroom that just don’t work. There is a phone in the WC that would fall off the wall every time the WC door closed. The balcony furniture is just not comfortable. I missed having a walk in closet (I know, first world problems). The way the closet doors are set up in the bedroom made it really a pain for the two of us to get ready at the same time. This was actually the first time we noticed a real lack of storage space in a cabin. The interior design is meant to have a clean look, but with the lack of storage a lot of our things ended up all over the counter or draped over the rocking chair. I’m going to wait and see what changes are made (if any) before we book another Edge class ship. Did we have a great time? Of course we did! The crew is top notch, the ports are gorgeous, the food was outstanding, and the entertainment we saw was wonderful. I usually book another cruise while onboard, and ended up booking the Summit for next summer with stops in Newport and Bermuda. I booked a RS, and I’m looking forward to enjoying it as there will be more time onboard with that itinerary.
  11. The last port was La Spezia (Florence). I knew I wanted to see Cinque Terre, so booked the Coast of Cinque Terre and Portovenere excursion through Celebrity. My expectations for the excursion was that I wanted reliable transportation to Cinque Terre and back, and wanted to see the coast. Again, the guide for this excursion was excellent. You begin with a bus ride to Portovenere and then a walking tour with free time afterwards. I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of the church at the top of the hill. The view, coupled with the church and a local playing the harp who happened to be there when we were standing at the top was breathtaking. There is enough time at this stop if you want to swim, so bring your bathing suit and towels. We were content with the natural air conditioning at the top. After the free time we were herded onto the ferry. There will be people from other excursions, so it will be crowded. Tip- get in line on the earlier side so you can sit up top in the ferry on the right hand side for the best views of the coast. The guide points out sights as the ferry sails up the coast before it stops in Monterosso. There is a walking tour, and then plenty of free time for lunch, shopping or swimming. We ended up spending most of the free time having a wonderful lunch, and then my husband couldn’t resist the water, so he went swimming. You return to the ship via train and then bus back to the pier. It was another long excursion with a lot of walking, but well worth it. Some photos of Portovenere:
  12. Photos from the village of St. Paul de Vence:
  13. Photos from the market in Nice, where we basically wanted to buy everything:
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