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  1. Cruise 14th March Cancelled by Seabourn 10th March Refund from Southampton UK 11th March Refund for tours from Holland America Seattle 13th March
  2. I tried one on our last cruise and honestly I do not know what the fuss is about. I didn't taste any different from a burger that you would get in ny good restaurant.
  3. No lights on last night and still there this morning. I wonder if the Ovation will do the same thing in Colombo.Sad isn’t it.
  4. Thank you. Here’s a snap oh Dubai port today. I wonder what these liners are doing there. Hope to meet you all one day. Bob
  5. When the 14th March Ovation Cruise was cancelled partly because of Dubai not allowing cruise ships, we decided to have a small break in Dubai anyway (our nearest guaranteed sunshine after a very wet year in the UK). We arrived yesterday. The usual long lines for passport control zigzagging back and forth. We were next to the same people and families with young children from all over the world for more than 20 minutes. There were NO health checks of any kind, NO thermal imaging either. And to add insult to injury I can see from the beach FIVE cruise liners in the docks.
  6. Same here we leave in 17 hours with no inkling of what they are thinking. The back office seem particularly unhelpful. I know it must be a nightmare for them, but it is for us and we are the customers. I personally think the company has made too many cutbacks and is close to breaking point as far as organisation is concerned As someone said earlier "Fourth Seabourn cruise for us. Great cruise and great ship with jerks running the corporate office."
  7. Still no news from Seabourn and the website is still letting me book and pay for tour in India?
  8. We are due to leave tomorrow to join the Ovation on the 14th after a two day break in Dubai. Seabourn are unable to tell us or our travel agent anything. So we have packed, the hound is in kennels and we look forward to Flamin-June's" Magical Mystery tour" or not. Thinks to self "are they thinking of doing Australia?" !
  9. I wish Seabourn would put something on their website if only to say these ports have closed and we are working on a way forward. Their last entry was the 27th February. Without Cruise Critic we wouldn't know about these looming problems. Communication is not their strong point.
  10. I have had no recent communications from Seabourn about this cruise nor any documents/labels and we leave on Tuesday. I wonder what is going on?
  11. Agree with you 100%. Our main worry too. Why is this not mentioned more?
  12. Can anyone onboard tell me how the Colonnade works now? Does everyone get their own serving spoon?
  13. Very reassuring video message from Seabourn chief medical officer on Seabourn Press and media page https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news.html?source=122648
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