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  1. Petoonya. Seabourn gave us an extra week to decide to pay or transfer to another cruise within a year which had to be of equal value. We couldn’t find anything else we could afford that we wanted to do. We didnt want to wait a year as this holiday is long overdue. Our main concern was not the cruise which disembarks in Dubai because as some others have said Seabourn would not risk putting us in danger but on the way out where we had a two night stop over in Dubai before flying on to Singapore to pick up the ship. Seabourn again said we could move this stopover but we could not find any other half way stop on the route to Singapore. So we have elected to go on the holiday as planned. Mind you that was before the plane got shot down by accident. Thankfully things have calmed down a bit. Our slight worry now are any rogue militias.
  2. I need to pay in full on Friday for Ovation Cruise from Singapore to Dubai in March. Tourists are being warned to be vigilant and keep away from public places, hotels, beaches and other destinations in the gulf, never mind a large white ship passing through the Straight of Hormuz. Do I pay in full for this cruise on 10th Jan or cancel?
  3. We haven’t been able to get anything on paper out of Seabourn for several years now nor even by email despite frequent requests.
  4. The new caviar. How does it compare?
  5. Has any work been done to the pool deck and does the shallow area around the pool have water? The last time we sailed on the Odyssey that area never had any water, such a shame.
  6. On formal nights they need to reinstate the Captains cocktail party make all the restaurants formal except on deck and be cleverer about the show times
  7. Is the eruption causing any problems for the Ovation schedule?
  8. Strange how opinions differ we had our worst cruise ever on the Odyssey ever last Christmas and our best since The Legend on the Ovation this December. Yes there were problems with the wine but it was all dealt with in good humour one possible future solution could be order your wine and leave the bottles with you!!! Complained about no water in forward whirlpool which was fixed immediately. Cocktails not good anywhere. No problem being served drinks anywhere else. Worst evening in in MDR formal night. As there is no event ie Captains cocktail party to get dressed for everyone arrives at once and it was awful mislaid tables, dreadful service. Only really bad day. Again management problem. Regarding the shows we finished our meals in leasure caught the end of the first show and only had a 15 minute wait till the start of the second one.
  9. We are not first timers it’s our fifth cruise with them and never had such a big upgrade before.
  10. Jim Cannon listed in today’s Herald as CD on Ovation
  11. Just disembarking Ovation in Singapore. No problem with wine service or food service. Get a complimentary wine list and you are half way there. Did notice the champagne was better in some places than others, think the bottles sometimes stay open too long.
  12. We always book with guaranteed upgrade just finishing Dubai to Singapore on Ovation we booked V2 guaranteed V4 we got PH
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