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  1. Hi we had one of the front facing cabins recently. Balcony is a good size. And its usable at sea. However, when it rains it literally pours. The design is such that any and all water hitting the sloped windows immediately above you (restaurant and lounge) streams down directly onto these balconies. And I have a suspicion that the water hitting the sundeck also gets drained off the front. Plus, and I don't know how often this occurs, one day they were ??? cleaning ??? (I am guessing this is what they were doing?) the windows on the sun deck and with no warning water came flooding onto the balcony. Strangely they did notify us the next week when they were going to clean our floor - but either they don't realize or don't care where the water goes when they are cleaning higher decks. Suffice to say we will not be booking forward facing again.
  2. Thanks for taking time from your vacation and letting me know. Glad to hear embarkation was nice and easy for you - gives me hope for next week 🙂. Have a great time! Jane
  3. Hope you are having a fantastic time. Have a question - are they showing the Rugby World Cup onboard? Obviously it is playing super early in the morning - so really hoping one of the TV stations in the cabins is showing it. (we are on the 28th October sailing - and while its a little soon yet to think that Wales MIGHT get through to the final, I'd like to make sure we have a plan in place just in case they do) Many thanks Jane
  4. I have been trying to book a Cabana since Sunday - noticed that about a week ago the Ocean Front YC Cabana disappeared, but the Ocean View one was available - when I actually tried to book only the standard cabana was showing up. Spent almost an hour on the phone with MSC - once I had established I was wanting to book OCC16 or OCC17 the customer service rep told me that it was now on my booking but I should wait 20 minutes for it to show up. Two days later and still nothing (although twice my cruise documents have been sent to me since the phone call because of a "change"). Now unsure if I should just book the standard cabana while it's still there or hold out and hope the Ocean view or ocean front ones return.
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