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  1. Our Oz/NZ cruise cancelled our stops in Port chalmers and Dunedin, due to an incoming severe storm. Just be aware, if you are able to make your alternative arrangements that weather can/will change everything. We missed our last two stops in NZ and headed directly to Oz. We didn't know the last two stops were cancelled until we came back to the ship in Picton (delightful little town to walk around...by the way!).
  2. The Fish Market, right next door to the Midway, also has very good food. We are planning to go there for dinner on our pre- cruise night in February 2017.
  3. The Wyndham Bay Harbor is right across the street from the cruise terminal. It is also within walking distance to the USS Midway, Gas Lamp (or is it Light?) District, and little Italy. Coronado Hotel is across the bridge....so maybe a taxi? I can't recommend any tour companies in that area, but the hotel or Trip Advisor might be good to check for that info.
  4. Fortunately, we paid the same price (ordered last month) for our J&B Scotch on our Feb 2017 sailing as we did on our April 2015 sailing....through the HAL website (Gifts & Services). I always seem to order early....so it is one less thing on my 'list' to do.
  5. LOL....this sure brings back memories!
  6. .. I absolutely agree. It is so much easier to buy our preferred libation from Guest Services, long before we sail. It is in the stateroom when we arrive. No worry and no hassle. No more Rum Runner flasks or trips to the Naughty Room. The price of the bottle ordered is very reasonable. So very easy. (Of course...we never tried Shamboozle to see if they worked as stated...lol)
  7. My 91 year old father and his 81 companion were transferred off a ship last year. Both were hospitalized. Both had HAL insurance. The Port Agent NEVER contacted them. A social worker was kind enough to make their travel arrangements and take them to the airport. It was the most disappointing example of customer service I have ever seen. HAL did compensate them at a later time. But the whole situation was frightening and horrible.
  8. I would answer, no. On our last cruise with HAL (April 2015), you paid for an internet plan. Then you could access the (very slow) wifi from your own device, or from a computer in the library.
  9. Just had to say HI Glen. Hope all is well. We were sailing on the Oosterdam, this time last year!
  10. I can only assume the ship had the hand sanitizer on board. It was the super duper Purell. Since we are entering flu season in the northern hemisphere... I would love to find that super duper Purell here in the states.
  11. Thank you. Hopefully, your next cruise will be better. I know that there were many, many people who got sick with the flu.
  12. I am very happy to advise that HAL has resolved this issue with my Dad. I was contacted yesterday afternoon by a representative and discussed the issues involved. Today the situation was resolved to my father and his partners satisfaction. It is nice to know that HAL does provide customer service in resolving complaints.
  13. I agree. I know that on a cruise of that length illness is a possibility. I believe that the maintenance issues of the cabin are the major complaint. It would seem to me that with all the cabin issues, and their illness (quarantined) they should have been moved to another cabin. If HAL had offered to pay for the burned out converter, i dont think my dad would have been as unhappy. They just continued to react below any normal expectations of customer service, and their unhappiness grew accordingly.
  14. I agree, if you are not fit to travel, you should not. That is not the case for my dad, however. My father and his partner are very spry folks. Neither uses any sort of walking device, except a cane occasionally. Both were declared fit to travel by their doctor. To provide some insight...my dad is 90 and travels extensively by land and in his 31 ft RV, towing a car. He is able to drive safely, bend over to make connects to sewer, electric, and tow car etc. He is alert and is basically amazing for his age. To date, he has put over 400k miles on his various RV's traveling from Alaska, to Central America, to Labrador. My husband and I are in our 60's. We also got the flu. We were also miserable for about 3 weeks-4 weeks after we got home. As you are probably aware, the older you are the harder influenza can hit you. People in the states have not been inoculated against Influenza B, which is what we had. Influenza B will be part of the vaccine for the flu for this winter, in the northern hemisphere, as the flu virus travels from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere (apparently).
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