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    He was still there as of last week.

    Drivers in Rome, Transfers

    We used Rome in Limo and were very pleased with them.
  3. We are also on the 8 day JOS, departing on 25 Feb, enjoyed the link to last year's Compass! Sounds like Wednesday or Thursday is the best day to go to Chops?
  4. Betty, wow the best of 18...what an endorsement! we are on deck 10, cabin 1532 it is toward the front. I went with the GS for the extra room since there will be 3 adults. Did anyone do the 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise? I'm wondering what would be the best night to go to Chops? From the boards it sounds like Caribbean night is the night but not sure what day that will be.
  5. Seminole Mom, THANKS...we will be sure to use the porters. I scheduled a later flight back but may be able to reschedule if I get to FLL sooner.
  6. Radio, looking forward to your "live" reporting :) ... we'll be taking the Jewel on 25 Feb so this will be a great preview. John
  7. I cancelled the Hampton Inn reservation and went with 17th St. Extended Stay America ($140---60 bucks less than Hampton) since it was recommended on here and is really close by to the port. No luck with Priceline bidding. I ended up in Ft. Lauderdale without a hotel reservation last Feb...so I know how tight it can be this time of year. thanks again for all the good advice and kind words!!!

    Why are we on this Board Now?

    where is your 1st cruise?

    Why are we on this Board Now?

    New Year's is overrated. I always felt like I was straining to have a good time just because it was New Years. gave that up and stay home nowadays...always have more fun when I get a wild hair and go out on a Thursday or off weekend :) much more fun to talk about cruisin!

    Travel Ch Alert Sun 1-1-06

    SFBay Cruiser: I could NOT agree with you more. How much poker can we watch and what qualifies that to be on a TRAVEL chanel ??? ;:cool:
  11. Mike&Nancy....thanks for the kind words. We are good on the two things you mentioned...I'm flying down from DC on the Friday before our departure--didn't want a late Feb snowstorm to hold me up. I ended up with a good deal on Spirit Air out of DCA for less than 200..I paid more than that to trek out to IAD and pay for parking etc when I went to SAV for the holidays. Mom and Dad are driving from GA on Friday as well. Got a reservation at the FLL Hampton Inn, kinda pricey so I'm going to keep looking out for a better deal. I know Ft. Lauderdale can be tight that time of year. We will drive ourselves to the terminal ... I've read about the fly/drive parking but don't think it would be worth the hassle. We will smuggle some wine like I've read about but I've pre-ordered some bubbly and chinanti (sp) that will be waiting as well (can never be too prepared). Would love to hear any other comments from recent Jewel of the Seas cruisers.....Eastern route. thanks and HNY ;>) Deb..thanks.... I am sure it will be a blast!
  12. I wanted to thank all the folks who post to this board...I have gained a lot of insight and am SO looking forward to my first Cruise on Jewel of the Seas..Your thoughtful comments and reviews have made me even more exictied. I will be sure to share any comments and reviews after my 8 days/ :)