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  1. I would like to spend several weeks in September on the coast of Maine. If I couldn't fly I would drive to Ko'olina and stay at the Four Seasons.
  2. What ship did you get warm chocolate chip cookies on? Never had those.
  3. I live in Hawaii and have found Maui Onions to be the best.
  4. My fave is the lamb burger in Luminea. My wife's favorite is surf and surf (lobster and scallops). For dessert she has Grand Marnier Souffle while mine is apple pie ala mode.
  5. We were not fond of Blu on Edge as we were in a suite but ate there once. It wasn't even close to Luminea particularly the location as Blu seemed like an afterthought. In contrast the M and S class Biu actually gives Luminea a run for it.
  6. If this specific incident isn't addressed and proper responsibility assigned we could very well see another catastrophic pandemic. We had a very similar catastrophe in 1986 involving the same system of government and it was handled in an identical manner. I don't believe the world realized at the time that Chernobyl could have been magnitudes worse then what we are experiencing now. The Chinese Communist Party should be treated like a pariah by all freedom loving nations of the world.
  7. Blame the source the CCP lied and people died!!!
  8. Why are they calling it a Bering Sea cruise when it never goes above the Aleutian Islands? In fact the course indicated is 1000's of miles from the Bering Sea.
  9. We have a B2B scheduled for end of Nov./Dec. 2020 and B2B Sept./Oct. 2021. We hope to be doing both. Unfortunately our May 2020 Galapagos was canceled and we took the FCC but ended up changing our minds and opted for the cash. Stay safe everyone.
  10. I guess Santiago, Chile might not have the same maritime capabilities as Tokyo, Japan.
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