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  1. And just like that my full refund has now posted to my account. Glad to see others finally reporting the same. Hopefully this is the end for a lot of waiting for you all.
  2. I submitted my request for full refund back on March 14 (April 18 sail date), 76 days later I now see two pending refunds on my credit card, the deposit and final payment, all there. If and when they post, or get removed, I'll update again. Hopefully this is the start of a lot of refunds for people on here.
  3. Exactly how I feel too. I understand MSC has a backlog of probably hundreds of thousands of cash refunds to process and it will take some time for some people. But how have they not started to process any of the early Mid March requests? Why do they keep sitting and letting that pile grow and grow. Patience is running short.
  4. Awesome, I see the updated language too. This now matches, again, with my original cancellation email (60 days). But I am now past the 60 days, I'll probably give it another week and if we don't start seeing refunds contest the charge.
  5. The delay is so the limited customer service reps still working don't get even more overwhelmed. Also if you think Royal is slow, you should check out some other forums (Carnival/NCL), some are even worse.
  6. Had an April 18 and April 25 cruise booked that were paid in full at time of booking. I requested a refund the day after they were cancelled (March 25). I received the two most recently emails about your refund coming (April 29 and May 6). Finally this morning I have 6 pending refunds on my credit card that I can see online. They do total the total amount I paid on both cruises. 50 days for me.
  7. I understand MSC being overloaded with refund requests, but how have they not fully processed a single one yet? I'm owed a refund from RCL too but at least people over on that board are reporting getting their full refunds, so I'm not worried about not receiving that refund yet. I'm giving MSC until May 15th before I'll file a CC charge back, assuming we haven't started to see refunds yet. After all they did say "Your refund will be processed within 60 days." in their original email from when I cancelled on March 14.
  8. All play is tracked through your sea pass card, which you can insert into the slot machines to get points as you gamble. You also should be signed up for royals rewards (crown and anchor). Check out https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/ and enter your last name and crown and anchor number to check if you have any offers.
  9. This is the MSC board, but both RCL and MSC are using similar logic. Was the $1600 paid in full the total cost of your cruise, or the cost before port fees and taxes? You should be refunded port fees and taxes to your original form of payment, the 125% FCC is only on the sailing subtotal amount. 125% of $1163 would get you to $1454 FCC, leaving $437 in port fees and taxes to soon be refunded. On the other hand, I've read that royal has been screwing up FCC amounts like crazy, so /shrug.
  10. I'm sure each country is different, but in the US if your FCC is more than your new cruise cost you will get a new FCC with the remaining amount https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/COVID-Cruise-Cancellation-FAQ.aspx IF THE VALUE OF MY FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT IS HIGHER THAN THE COST OF MY NEW CRUISE, CAN I GET AN ONBOARD CREDIT FOR THE DIFFERENCE? No, your remaining Future Cruise Credit balance (if applicable), will be converted into a new Future Cruise Credit.
  11. Sounds like I need to book this club royale offer myself, pay the taxes/port fees myself. But can I then transfer it to my TA? Is it even worth it, as in would they still get their credit for having a cruise tied to them?
  12. Excursions and drinks packages will refund at 100% of what it cost you, you will also get it back as a straight refund to your credit card, not a FCC.
  13. At least MSC is posting a date further out than Royal (April 11), Carnival (April 10), and Norwegian (April 12) for their current returns. I don't think we'll be cruising by the end of April, definitely not in 3 weeks.
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