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  1. Just another tidbit for me to add to my repository of knowledge. Thanks!
  2. Usually 1 but we ended up taking 2 this year and I am worried that Cupcake wants to start making that a tradition.... Just hit Gold this trip and now that we are only 47 points away from Platinum, she is getting excited (okay, we both are.) That first pin sure is shiny and that first complimentary drink on the last day was mighty tasty! (Chivas Regal 18 on the rocks for me!)
  3. As others have said, the portions are generally larger than the MDR and we got full both times we went. We also have had the table at dessert both times with no regrets.
  4. As the main driver in our family, I love any destination vacation that doesn't require me in the driver seat for hours. We ran into a little rain during our last cruise and I told my wife the nice thing about it is I didn't have to worry about steering around it or adjusting course. I just had to worry about whether I wanted to sit on the balcony getting wet or sit inside sipping a cold drink! We love having the room tidied up and a bucket full of ice for our drinks. The towel animal is a fun find too. It is also very ego-boosting to have the servers/stewards call you by name, lik
  5. We like Sea Day Brunch and enjoy the atmosphere and food. It is nice that you can still get breakfast type food until 1PM. My favorite was the Frittata and also the Parfait and the Chia Seed Pudding, while Cupcake always likes a good Omelette! When we don't feel like waiting around, we hit the Omelette Station on the Lido and grab some French Toast as well! I went ahead and attached the current menu (we just got off the Vista on the 12th.) as well as pics of the parfait, chia seed pudding and the frittata.
  6. It would be a perfect bonding moment. The class was informative but informal enough that there was plenty of cutting up and many laughs were shared. What was interesting to me was the difference in people's tastes as well. The whiskey that I thought was best, only a few others enjoyed, while some of the ones I couldn't stand were favorites with some of the other students. It just showed the variety of style and taste people have. It also exposed me to several brands and styles I wouldn't have paid to try. But at least two of them will definitely find their way into my cabinet now!
  7. It was listed in the Fun Times and on the Hub App as: Whiskey Class Sign Up. Just look under "What's Happening" and the afternoon section should have it. On our 7 day cruise the sign up was on the 2nd day at 4pm (first sea day) and the class was on the third day at 1PM (also a sea day). They had a second class that was held on Friday, with sign ups on Thursday. The class is limited and fills up pretty quick, so make sure to get there for the sign up right as it happens. Also, since they have to prep, they generally don't accept any "walk ups" for the class. You "have" to sign up the
  8. Glad to hear it inspired him! You should join him, it was great fun! Alas, the brewmeister was on vacation during our cruise so they did not give a tour of the brewery or the beer tasting😥 I told the bartendar at the Red Frog to let the brewmeister know he is a chump when he gets back😁. Otherwise we would have done that as well!
  9. That's understandable and honestly wasn't that big a deal. Shame that a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us!
  10. You're welcome! We actually thought about taking it again, since it was held twice on our 7 day cruise, but we had too many other things going on. You won't regret it! It is well worth the money and time and a fun diversion!
  11. They are! The "chemists" are great and the only disappointment I have had with any of their drinks is that the Moscow Mule was not served in a copper cup, but a glass. Other than that, everything is above and beyond!
  12. Then fear not fellow cruiser and whiskey appreciator as you can find it here: I ended up writing the review and posting it last night. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Totally agree. We always tip on the pre-tax amount. If the service was excellent we over tip. But never in the state's portion of the bill. I've noticed a lot of restaurants have a handy calculated tip suggestion with the percentage next to it, but it's always based off the total including tax. This is misleading and I think it's conditioning people to think they have to tip in the total amount instead of the food+drink amount. Definitely make sure to educate your friends on how the gratuities are divided. But then just leave it to them. No need to be their conscience o
  14. We generally choose the YTD for two reasons: 1. No matter how early we book our cruise, it seems the early dining is full and we get defaulted to the late dining. This requires us to request early dining when we board and wait to see if we get accepted. It took 3 days one cruise, which is when we decided to just go with YTD. 2. Sometimes our group wants to eat right at 5:30, other times we are busy with other things and it's closer to 6:45 or 7. That flexibility isn't something you have with an assigned dining time. Regardless, we prefer eating in the MDR in the even
  15. Just off the Vista and it's still Coke products. Not a Pepsi in sight.....
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