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  1. I know that we had room service mid afternoon on embarkation day on the Breeze. It might have been right after sailalway though. I can't remember the time but it was definitely before dinner.
  2. YES!!!! Like no dryer I have ever felt.
  3. We used them a few weeks ago on the Magic. Just a word of warning. The dryers are HOT! We had them on the regular setting and I could literally barely touch the clothes as we were getting them out of the dryer bc they were so hot. I think there was a less intense heat setting and I would definitely try that next time.
  4. Would like to do a cruise out of San Juan and was hoping late spring/early summer depending on when schools there end for the year.
  5. Curious as most ships sailaway late afternoon/early evening? Just curious the reasoning behind that.
  6. My husband had on flip flops and they had him remove them and then hooked them into the cables on the harness.
  7. Same last week on the Magic. Not asked and serviced twice a day.
  8. Great review thanks! I want this to be my next cruise. Have you been on any newer Carnival ships? If so, what were the main noticeable differences (obviously overall size, curious what else)? Also, can you elaborate on the catering to the Puerto Rican passengers as far as entertainment?
  9. As of last week, there were no tickets needed for the comedy shows. We went and saw the PG comedians and as long as you were there maybe 15 minutes before show time, you should be able to find a seat. The 7:30 comedy show wasn't as crowded as the 8:30 one. As we were leaving the PG 8:30 show the last night at 9:05, there were already a TON of people lined up to get in for the adult show that didn't start until 9:45.
  10. Sorry I don't know anything about either of the ports. The Ports of Call section on these boards really helped me in researching info on the ports were were going to visit.
  11. Hopefully OP doesn’t get upset I’mateal their thunder and answering questions on their thread. Not at all! Thanks for answering! I agree with everything you said! Your blue iguana suggestions were spot on for breakfast. The line builds for Guys Pig even before it opens. We hit it one day right before closing time--we don't adhere to a normal eating time on the cruise so 2:00 was a perfect time for lunch--(or maybe that was lunch number two) ha. There was no wait at that time. We only watched one of the shows (America Rocks) as we had seen the others before on the Breeze. We went and caught the early (PG) comedy show instead.
  12. We never seemed to be going very fast but I don't have a good standard of comparison for that. I do know that we talked to a crew member whose boyfriend was an engineer on the ship and she mentioned that they had been working on the engines all week. This was toward the end of the cruise.
  13. We liked it overall. We had anytime dining (just two of us). Two nights I think we waited about 15 minutes or so with a pager. We just took pictures and watched whatever was going on in the atrium. We were pleased with all the food with the exception of maybe a dish or two. We enjoyed our serving team the first night so requested to be in their section again the subsequent nights. One night we were tired and didn't feel like dressing up and waiting to be served so we just went to the lido.
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