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  1. I hope soon. We are planning a Italy and Greek cruise for our 5th anniversary.
  2. Thanks for the details. And yes I did the status match just waiting for it to come back.
  3. Typically how far in advance can I start adding things to our cruise. We don’t sail till 10/29/2022 so we have plenty of time.
  4. Thank you so much!! We can’t wait to give MSC a try.
  5. Thank you that is why I asked. When I did a search there were so many different answers.
  6. Thank you so much. And good tip about the Premium Plus package.
  7. Thank you so much. I will keep rule #1 in mind.
  8. Just recently booked my first cruise on MSC Seashore in the yacht club. However I have seen multiple answers to this question. I understand the drink package is included but can we enjoy those drinks outside of yacht club areas? Also what package is included and is there list of the liquors included in that package? We are used to the celebrity cruises list.
  9. I think you make some very interesting points minutes the the parts of being loyal to travel companies. Many young individuals have started to become very brand loyal in the recent years. For example I travel minimum 50% of the year whether it is for personal or business. I only fly Delta Airlines, stay at Hilton Brand Hotels, cruise with Celebrity and rent cars with Enterprise. This is solely because of the locality programs and the points I am able to build up. I carry all the premium credit cards because I can transfer those points and use them for travel.
  10. Good Point. I haven’t found Virgin that interesting yet. I personally love Celebrity Cruises and the wide range of individuals on them. My husband and I loved our transatlantic for the wide range of individuals we were able to meet and connect with. But I swear I am not a true millennial. 🙂
  11. In all honestly I am a little confused on this comment. Most companies now offer more than 2-3 weeks of vacation a year and yes many “young” people work countless hours. But that is what we are used to and it doesn’t bother us. also I don’t think that many “young” people who are stringing together multiple jobs are going on X cruises. I think the folks that are going on Celebrity cruises are young professionals who love to spend money when they are vacations.
  12. Check both online and in the app. Also if you have more than 100 offers you might have to add some to see extra ones. As well if you have an authorized user check their offers. Both my husband and I got the offer so we are going to make two separate payments.
  13. I have a positive value on my Platinum, Gold and Delta Platinum. So all very good points.
  14. I am really hoping they include Pelotons in the Apex gym. I am not sure I will be able to go a week without my rides.
  15. We are booked for Jan 29, 2022 hopefully things better than too.
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