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  1. Hi, Is anyone else having trouble getting a deposit refunded? We are no longer able to travel in December and cancelled the deposit of $1200.00 well outside of the penalty phase. I cancelled back on 8/12. I was just told by a reservation agent that refunds are taking between 60-90 days! Has anyone been told anything similar? I'm floored by that.
  2. Yes, thanks Mary 229. I did see that. However, I was just trying to figure out the gaps. So far all that is published is the Grand World Voyage from 1/3/22-5/12/22, the Voyage of the Vikings (and its segments) 7/9/22-8/13/22 and the Grand Africa Voyage 10/10/22-12/20/22. There are a few gaps in between. I am thinking she will probably do Canada/New England in May and June and then possibly again in August/September. I guess we will see.
  3. sagavista - yes, that is what I am thinking. I wonder if they will send her to Europe or do Canada/NewEngland....
  4. Hi all, I noticed that the Zaandam only has a few itineraries published for 2022. There is nothing for the summer. Does anyone have any insight or speculation as to what she may be doing? My first thought was a possible lease or charter to another operator. Any thoughts?
  5. Perfect, I agree. I'm currently holding one on the aft corner and the location, room size and balcony are certainly my primary considerations. Thanks for the insight!
  6. Anyone else have any perspective? Neptune Lounge, for example, is it worth it?
  7. Hi everyone, I am considering the Zuiderdam, 7 day Alaska sailing, July 13, 2022. I am looking at an SB category wraparound suite on deck 7. Has anyone had any experience with these cabins? We typically book just a verandah but wanted to splurge a little to "hopefully" celebrate a return to cruising. Any thoughts on the Zuiderdam, cabin category, Neptune Lounge, etc? Thanks!
  8. Well, it looks like no June 2 Alaska cruise for us. So disappointed. We had waited almost 2 years and so looked forward to it. We could finally afford a balcony. I'm sure we will get our money back but I have noticed that suddenly most of the fall and winter/holiday sailings have shot up about $500.00 per person since last week. I imagine about the same amount as transferable future cruise credits. Seems a tad shady.
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