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  1. Yes, we asked the butler for the lounger. There was ample room for two loungers, but we only needed one.
  2. We never experienced any noise whatsoever from the Magic Carpet (MC) in our deck 8 Sky Suite. The MC spends most of its time on deck 14 and during our cruise it was only lowered to function as an extension of the Five on Raw restaurant on deck 5 for lunch when the ship was docked and it never moved from its deck 14 position when the ship was at sea. For what it's worth, we also did not find the orange railings to be intrusive whatsoever. You can see from my pictures earlier in this thread that from most vantage points in the cabin or from the balcony, you can't even see them. Of
  3. That's the gangway in Port Everglades, I took the picture when we were still docked. As we didn't take the gangway with us once the cruise departed, it didn't bother us in the slightest 😂.
  4. We had a forward facing corner S3 on the Edge on deck 8 last year and we loved the suite so much that for our January 2021 we booked the identical room but on deck 7 (the deck 8 one wasn't available). We especially appreciated the extra large balcony and the fact these rooms have a double door with a short private hallway between them. This hallway is used if you book both the S3 and the adjoining Infinite Verandah to make a private shared entrance. If you don't book both rooms, the door from the private hallway to the verandah room remains locked and only the S3 uses t
  5. It's a fine balancing act for the cruise lines: Offering a lot of FCC turns people away from getting a cash refund right now and therefore helps the company maintain cash levels in the short run but will eat into their financial results in future as they're giving away future income.
  6. We're booked on the Eclipse's 30 March sailing out of San Diego and, honestly, at this point, I have a feeling more of relief than distress that the cruise has been cancelled. At least we know where we're at now. In any case, this would NOT have been a good time to travel, certainly not in a closed-off environment like a cruise ship. Furthermore, the communities along the West Coast we were supposed to visit are all in the most stricken zone of the disease. I'm sure the people in those places need to concentrate their energy and resources on beating the virus - not on
  7. The ships are flagged in those countries, but aren't the companies themselves mostly US based?
  8. I think the ban on travel from most of Europe has forced their hand and will likely do the same for other cruise lines. It's not just that a lot of passengers from Europe will not be able to travel to board the ships, reducing passenger numbers even further, but there is also the fact that a very large number of crew are European (and Celebrity specifically still has many Greek officers, due to historical reasons) and would not be able to join the ships so crew rotation would be impacted.
  9. Did you check if the buffet is kept open? I would think that is the most difficult area to keep sanitized and under control.
  10. For what it's worth, we were booked on one of the now-cancelled Millennium cruises in Asia (the 28 March sailing) and even during the approximately two weeks between the start of the big problems in Asia and Celebrity's decision to cancel our cruise, normal suite prices never went down by more than the usual fluctuation of a few hundred dollars. They still ranged in the $6,000 per person starting price for a Sky Suite (it was a 13 night cruise). The only exception was for the 'suite guarantee without any perks' category, that one went down to about $4,000 each but seeing as it was
  11. We were on the cancelled Millennium cruise of 28 March and as of last Sunday, we've received our full refund, credited to the card we used to pay for the cruise. So the full reimbursement was completed seven business days after Celebrity announced the cancellations. The payment came in four instalments, starting with (what I guess corresponded to) the amount of our deposit and two days later three separate payments which, judging by the amounts, were the port tax/fees, the agent commission and the remainder of the fare. The refunds were processed by Celebrity, not our TA.
  12. Once more my hope for a logical explanation for a Celebrity anomaly gets brutally dashed 😄
  13. Here's my reasoning: On some ships (Edge and the revolutionized ships) you don't receive your sea pass card anymore when boarding but you can pick them up in your room. So the express passes for those ships show your beverage package, allowing you to go to a bar before picking up your cards in the room. Ships where you still get the sea pass card in the terminal wouldn't need to have the beverage package printed on the express pass, as you would not board the ship without your proof that you have the package. Our, of course, it's Celebrity being Celebrity, and there is
  14. If you are on a ship which has the Celebrity app, and the OP is on the Equinox which does have it, you can make your specialty restaurant reservations in the app as soon as you board, no more need to go find a crew member to input the bookings. That's what we did on the Reflection in January, after boarding we went straight to the pool bar (that's our long-standing cruising tradition and my significant other refuses to deviate from it 🙂) and I booked all our specialty restaurants while sipping a Pina Colada, so much more relaxed than standing in line at the reservation desk!
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