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  1. Ours also was a complimentary Captain's Club upgrade, we paid the A2 price for an A1 cabin on the Millennium. At the time they reclassified the deck 10 aqua cabin which we had booked, no other A1s were available, so we were moved to a deck 9 A2 and given a $100 OBC to compensate for the downgrade. Our TA put us on a waitlist for another complimentary upgrade and today notified me that we cleared the waiting list and we're now in a deck 11 A1 cabin. I already spent the $100 on pre-booked excursions so I hope they don't want it back 😊.
  2. Did they offer you any compensation for being downgraded to a lower category? We're also booked in one of the infamous deck 10 Aqua's (for next year's Millennium cruise from Shanghai to Tokyo - is that the one you're on too? We liked the itinerary change, adding an overnight in Osaka) and our cabin has been updated to Guarantee since last week. We chose the deck 10 cabin because of its location so I'm disappointed that we'll probably have to settle for a worse location than the one we booked.
  3. Ah, just read on the Celebrity website that Chef's table by Daniel Boulud debuts on June 5 on the Summit so obviously there are no reviews out yet.
  4. When was this exactly? I think this may have been the old chef's table concept, which was organised rather ad-hoc based on onboard interest, could only be booked after boarding and where I believe the menu was developed by the chef(s) on each individual ship. There now is a new concept, announced in February, called Chef's Table by Daniel Boulud. That menu is developed by Daniel Boulud, a famous Michelin star awarded chef and you get his cookbook to take home as well as a galley tour (which I agree isn't spectacular if you've done any ship tour before, they're all kinda similar). Not sure on which ships the new concept has been rolled out so far but I can book it in the cruise planner for both my Reflection cruise in January 2020 and my Millennium cruise in March 2020. I have not seen any reviews of this new style Chef's table, so can't say if it's worth the price of $139 per person. We've booked it for our Reflection cruise but I intend to read reviews if I can find them to see if we should keep the reservation or cancel. Here is Celebrity's press release announcing this new dining event in February: https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1134/celebrity-cruises-unveils-game-changing-partnerships-with-american-ballet-theatre-and-michelin-starred-chef-daniel-boulud/
  5. This is a composite of the Millennium deck 10 and deck 11 plans I made, using the elevator as guide. It may be the image you're referring to in the Revolutionized thread, we had extensive discussions on there regarding these new Aqua cabins. We will be in 1018 on the Millennium next March and I will be sure to report back in the thread capturing cabin feedback for the Millennium class ships.
  6. The Magic Carpet isn't a folly or useless at all. We enjoyed it very much on both our Edge cruises: we used it as a bar, for Dinner on the Edge, as tender boarding platform and just for sitting and enjoying the view. It's one of the most multifunctional spaces on the ship and like it or loathe it, a very distinctive architectural feature drawing attention to the ship wherever she's in port.
  7. Yeah, it was Cali who made the initial booking which was lost in the system, we went back to her, to one of her colleagues, to the Luminae maitre, to our butler and to the restaurant manager to find a solution. I don't want to point fingers or assign blame but somebody definitely dropped the ball somewhere. We're happy it worked out for us, sorry to hear you guys didn't make it in the end. Oh well, great excuse to book a next Edge class cruise so you can experience Dinner on the Edge a next time. It was great meeting you guys as well, that was a really great tour of cozumel and Mexican cuisine, wasn't it!
  8. It was $65 a person. There was seafood and specifically lobster for both one of the appetisers and for the main course and as mentioned the main course lobster was served in the same plage as the other main course items so for people with a severe allergy this could be problematic.
  9. The timing indeed helped with the wind issue, as well as the staggered arrival of guests so food could be delivered to each table direct from the preparation area, which was the Mast Grill directly next to the Magic Carpet. If I remember correctly, originally there were two seatings (early and late) with all guests having to be served simultaneously. The menu tweaks probably also have been made to remedy the temperature issue. Two of the first courses were cold dishes: the charcuterie board and the seafood platter.
  10. Oh, I almost forgot; from our S3 we saw the Magic Carpet pass by our balcony several times. It's pretty fast, it blocks the view about one minute and it's a fascinating view. I made a time lapse video one time it passed by. VID_20190420_151054.mp4
  11. We were on the Edge for the second time this week. Our first cruise in December was in an IV and we tried most of the specialty restaurants on that cruise, with the exception of Dinner on the Edge. The menu at that time (Mexican food served buffet style) didn't really appeal to us for the price ($65). So we were happy to learn here on Cruisecritic.com that the menu of Dinner on the Edge had been completely overhauled - one of the many changes on the Edge in the past few months, all positive in our opinion. This time we were in an S3 suite (situated on deck 8 on the forward corner between the Magic Carpet rails and have mainly dined in Luminae (excellent service, some good meals, some so-so meals and a bit too limited a menu for us) but having Dinner on the Edge was on our must-do list for this cruise. As this is a one-time per cruise, one seating only dining experience, which can not be reserved before boarding, getting a reservation can be tricky. Being in a suite certainly helps, not because Celebrity gives preference to suite passengers who want to book (as far as I know it's "first come, first served") but suite passengers generally can board the ship early. We were among the first to board in Sunday, getting on the ship at around 10h30 am. We were so early that they had the Sunset Bar roped off because there still was a camera crew there taking publicity pictures. So instead we went to the Retreat Lounge and asked one of the concierges to make our Dinner on the Edge reservation. Turns out, being first in this case was not an advantage but caused us problems. At that time (just before 11 am) the Celebrity app and the restaurant reservation system had Dinner on the Edge listed for day 4 so we were booked for that day. We grew concerned when by about 6 pm that night, we still didn't see our booking in the app and, furthermore, the description of Dinner on the Edge in the app now said it would take place in day 5, not day 4. We immediately went back to the Retreat Lounge to enquire about the status of our booking. The concierge on duty (a different one from earlier) confirmed that the dinner would be on day 5, we did NOT have a confirmed booking and that that by now the dinner was fully booked out. Turned out that our booking earlier was made before the reservation system was reset for the new cruise (apparently the dinner is on day 4 on Eastern Caribbean sailings and day 5 for Western) and they'd lost our booking with that reset. Obviously we were rather upset, as we felt that this was an error on Celebrity's part, not ours. Unfortunately the concierge could not offer an immediate solution. Over the next few days we talked to the Luminae Maitre d', our butler and the original Retreat Lounge concierge who'd made the early booking, each time voicing our disappointment but remaining courteous. By day two in the evening, our butler came by our suite to share the good news that somehow they'd managed to get us a table after all. He was surprised, because in his experience, of trying to get a booking for dinner on the Edge, once it's full, it's full and unless you're in one of the larger suites, getting a table is almost impossible. In any case, we were thrilled to be able to fulfill our bucket list item. We were expected on day 4 (Cozumel) at 6h20 pm. Sail away and sunset were around 7 pm that evening. I don't know if the dinner timing is planned specifically to coincide with sunset and sail away, but this timing made the experience extra magical. At 6h20 pm when we arrived about five tables were already seated and we saw other people join until about 7 pm. Not sure if they deliberately stagger arrivals to ease the service or if this was a coincidence. Our two-top table was next to the outer railing of the Magic Carpet, so we really were on the edge of the Edge. . Celebrity seems to have a marketing promotion with Veuve Clicquot champagne at the moment. There were promotions in the casino to win bottles of champagne and on the Magic Carpet Veuve is heavily promoted, with nice champagne displays everywhere. So we decided to make our dining experience as decadent as possible and we had Veuve Clicquot throughout the evening. We had the Premium package but had to pay an additional $5 per glass - well worth it, Veuve is is one of our favorite mainstream champagnes. The menu was laying on the table and this was indeed the much improved menu we'd seen on cruisecritic.com To us, having been to all the other specialty restaurants, it seemed as if this was a menu sampling some of the nicer items from those other restaurants: excellent seafood from Raw on 5, great steaks from Fine Cut Steakhouse, imaginative dessert from Eden and a few locally inspired Mexican dishes. You get EVERYTHING on the menu you don't need to choose and dinner is served family style, sharing everything. We felt that there was a bit too much food, and the main course (chateaubriand steak, lobster and snapper) was served all on one plate, with different sauces running into each other so that was a bit unfortunate, but easily fixed if Celebrity wants to improve Dinner on the Edge even more. But everything was very delicious, excellent quality and service was faultlessly great. There was hardly any wind though towards the end of the evening when we hit open seas and picked up speed, it did get a bit windier. It did not become bothersome at our table, next to the glass railing but tables toward the middle of the Magic Carpet did have their table cloth blowing up and around a bit - though again, only toward the end of the evening (and the people at that particular table had arrived very fashionably later around 7h30 so they missed sunset and sail away). For us, this what really made the night priceless though, were the views. We had an amazing sunset and sail away from Cozumel. It really gave me goosebumps and that rare feeling of utter contentment that you (well, we) can only get on a perfect day on a perfect cruise. In our opinion at $65 each, this experience is a steal. But don't tell Celebrity about that 😉. Below are some pictures of our evening. Once the sun had set, there was led orange lighting which unfortunately made our pictures look worse than during the earlier daylight. .
  12. As promised we selflessly sacrificed ourselves to test out the new Sky Suite table for breakfast 😊. We ordered a lot of food (scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bagels, French bread, smoked salmon, cold cuts, warm ham, banana pancakes), condiments (hot sauce, cream cheese, maple syrup, marmalade, butter, S&P) and drinks (coffee, milk, OJ) and it all comfortably fit on the new, large table. The table itself we found too low to actually eat from while seated in the balcony chairs so at first we kind of struggled, balancing plates on our lap, and then we hit upon the idea of using the smaller but higher table (the default balcony table in most staterooms) to eat from. So we used the big, low, newly added table as a buffet table, and the smaller, higher, old table to eat from. That worked out quite well, very enjoyable. I do think this will only work on some of the larger balconies, the standard Sky Suites on the side of the ship may struggle to use this breakfast setup.
  13. I'm the one who reported having a newly added table in our S3 in the thread you reference and indeed it is a completely different type of table than in our S3. And we have not got a table on the balcony. We intend to have breakfast on the balcony Friday so curious if they'll use the new table in the room or if they will bring that new one.
  14. I don't find it too heavy but that's a subjective evaluation of course.
  15. I checked for any branding but there is none. It's a very sturdy, beautifully lacked piece of furniture and obviously brand new as I did find a piece of packing carton stuck to one the legs. Our butler Alex just came by and confirmed his excitement about the new table. I told him we will be having breakfast on our balcony later this week so we can test out the new set-up.
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