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  1. This is AMAZING. I don't think most people understand it. The artists that created this (Skullmapping) are world famous. We've been following them online for years. When we heard their dining experience was on Celebrity we literally chose a celebrity cruise over norweigen. We've now scene both shows and could not be more impressed. I think Celebrity does a pretty bad job explaining to people what this is, how complicated the technology is (heck a little chef is walking on your plate - without you having to wear glasses!!) and the price is frankly a bargain. I have seen Skullmapping dining in other place for 150-200/pp, Anyway, hope Celebrity markets this better, but KUDOS for offering your guests a really cool dining experience! We are booked for Apex and hoping to see a new show there.
  2. great stuff I wonder if they will do something about the noise at fine cut?
  3. you should be fine trying different rooms - just request early or the night before
  4. Gone to Le Petit Chef 3x. We live in a big city. Sure we've had bunches of great steaks in our lives that frankly we barely remember. This is a dinner we really appreciated. The last time we saw it the restaurant was full (even sold out the night before, we couldn't get in) and at the end everyone was applauding. How cool is that?
  5. We like to mix nights between MDR, buffet and specialty restaurants. That seems to make each night fresh and fun.
  6. This is FANTASTIC! We've done both versions on 2 different sailings. Both menus/experiences were great! Awesome to be able to do both on one sailing!
  7. I believe Amex also covers travel cancellation
  8. Great concise review! We love Edge as well! We are ones who totally appreciate Le Petit Chef's technology. We've seen both versions and loved them both.
  9. if you can do without a burger for the trip - you might be better off. So many better choices.
  10. We've seen it 3x. We keep inviting more friends and family to come with us. Both shows are really good. We loved the food at both experiences. The original menu is more straight forward - surf/turf/ice cream! The chef competition is a little more fancy - but great too. We find Le Petit Chef technology amazing, a really fun evening and a welcome break from the other traditional dining.
  11. great review - thanks. We agree with you on almost every point. Especially Murano best food and Le Petit Chef super fun and worth every penny!
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