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  1. Yes, she said it was because I wanted to use FCC. She said she had more leeway and could use different rates not using FCC.
  2. 9/11/21 Sailing, Vision OTS from Barcelona, 3B room #7568. This was all from one of the agents that I got prices from... I am a Diamond level. Quote NRD $5584 Refundable $6146 if FCC used $6947 for 2, over 55, MA resident. I was pretty upset by the difference and I forwarded my emails to RCL...although they will probably not ever read them.
  3. No, the Agent that had the price I liked gave me a quote with NRD and Refundable, plus using FCC. I am not going to book any more NRD, not worth it. I could have canceled months before final payment and not lost all the other money paid...hotels, excursions, flight, etc...all European and not refunding, will give credit. Travel insurance, which I buy a yearly plan, not covering Pandemics. (I swear this was somehow added to the fineprint).
  4. So, this is not the "normal"? It was multiple agents tho.
  5. Yes, it is an upcharge. I had it quoted multiple times just regular (paying) and then I asked about using my FCC and they sent me new quotes using the FCC. So the only difference was the FCC, same room, same trip.
  6. My cruise canceled and I opted for the FCC (Future Cruise Credit). I have been trying to book a new cruise and the agents I have found are mostly from *****.com as I don't have a regular agent that I use. The problem is the Agents all want to upcharge me a different price, considerably higher, if I am using FCC. The cruise I want to book is $1364 dollars more if I want to use FCC. They do not even ask how much my FCC is for!! They just upcharge the quote. This does not seem fair at all! I did not get anywhere near that for the canceled cruise over what I had paid for it, in the FCC. I am so aggravated I think I will tell RCL to just cash refund me. Has anyone else had this issue? RCL said I can use an agent, which usually has better perks, or do I need to book direct with RCL to not get overcharged. Second question....if you had a non-refundable deposit do you not get that back with a cash refund?
  7. If you get the Refund you lose your non-refundable deposit?
  8. It's an either/or question, not a yes/no question. But, thank you for trying.
  9. ... and thank you very much, but I was not looking for judgement. I was looking for an answer to a question.
  10. I did not realize it was an option! I was not given a choice of both in any of the 3 cruises.
  11. On the last 3 Carnival ships I have been on in the past year, I was approached by the steward and asked if I wanted Morning or Evening turnover. I was not given the option of twice per day. I picked morning on all three of them. On the March '19 cruise I asked if I could get the ice bucket filled in the evening tho because that was when I used it most and filling it in the morning left water by evening. Well, every day it was filled in the MORNING. I did NOT change my tips, but I kind of feel like if I am only getting service half the time, I should pay half the tip. I did not give the extra tips that I usually do give the stewards tho. March I was on Conquest. My real question is, if you only get one turnover per day, do the stewards just get more rooms to clean or do they get some more time off?
  12. I really want to go on a particular RCL cruise in March of 2020. It looks like they are only doing this particular itinerary for one 11 night cruise. We are a year out and it is showing all the balconies and the suites are sold out. What are the chances of a balcony opening up? Has anyone experienced this? Should I book a window room and try to upgrade later? Do rooms open up closer to the sailing date now that they mostly do non-refundable deposits?
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