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  1. The current CDC rules will allow cleared lines to run cruises of 7 days or less from US ports. I wonder if a B2B, being 14 days, violates the guidelines, hence the cancellation? I have a 10-day cruise tour booked, departing Fairbanks on June 6, with the ship (Coral Princess) departing Whittier on June 9 (the departure after the original poster's), and we haven't received that dreaded email.
  2. Based on RSF Cruiser's suggestions, I phoned Avis in Alaska. She said that they will not make cars available in Skagway until they know for sure that ships will be visiting. So, what I'm seeing online is what the Avis clerk is seeing. Keeping my fingers crosseded, I guess. (Thanks for the responses.)
  3. Virus permitting, we will be in Skagway on Satyrday, 6-12-2021. I would like to rent a car for the duration of our port call (7 am to 8:30 pm). In doing preiminary web searches for rental cars, I keep getting "No cars available" on the date I entered. Has anyone done this and/or does anyone know if there are any agencies in Skagway that would be likely to have cars available? Are the agencies not reporting vehicle availability while waiting for the fog of Covid to clear? Are rentals in such high demand in Skagway that I should have reserved a year ago?
  4. Thanks again, ll. No need for any more responses. Mods please delete if appropriate.
  5. I am, Covid permitting, sailing Princess to Alaska in June 2021. I booked the cruise with a promo package that includes alcoholic beverages. My wonders are twofold: Can we order a bottle of wine with dinner as part of the drinks package or should I get wine by the glass? Does the drinks package waive corkage fees? Thanks in advance for you answers.
  6. First-time booking made on Royal Caribbean. Does RC offer any sort of military benefits (similar to Princess's on-board credit for active duty and veterans)?
  7. Given your destination and given that you have trip insurance, I'd cancel. Resked for 6 months or a year from now. I'd be much more comfortable with the Mexican Riviera or the Caribbean right now; you might be able to find a cabin for a spring 2020 jaunt.
  8. My 23-year old daughter and I did the UTV and suspension bridge excursion last spring and had a blast.
  9. In Cabo, you can get a water taxi to the arch or Mendano beach. I think you can get parasailing at Mendano (or kayaking, jet-skiing, and stand-up paddling).
  10. OTOH, in Skagway, in 2018, we did a split tour of the White Pass; the railway up to the customs house, where a 7-passenger van picked us up and took us on to Carcross. we thought we had the best of both worlds.
  11. Never mind. You're Saturday the 21st; I'm Saturday the 28th.
  12. Um ... That would take a big change of schedule -- we're scheduled to go south, Amber, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk. See you on board!
  13. On the Ruby in March of this year, there were kids who had the wi-fi package and they were Googling the answers to the trivia questions. So, yeah, it happens.
  14. He's cycling out on 9-28 and a new CD is reporting for duty.
  15. Never been to a cruise-line operated port before. Question: If you zipline or buy a drink, do you pay with cash/credit or on your cruise card?
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