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  1. On the Ruby in March of this year, there were kids who had the wi-fi package and they were Googling the answers to the trivia questions. So, yeah, it happens.
  2. He's cycling out on 9-28 and a new CD is reporting for duty.
  3. Never been to a cruise-line operated port before. Question: If you zipline or buy a drink, do you pay with cash/credit or on your cruise card?
  4. So far as I know, Norman Love's Chocolate Journeys is still going on. A different premium chocolate every night.
  5. There was still a chocolate on my pillow as of March of this year.
  6. Does Carnival do turn-down service in the evening as Princess does?
  7. They taught us in in Navy bootcamp that all vertical passages were ladders whether landlubbers called them stairs or ladders. So if you want to sound like a real tar, call both ladders {then explain that one is vertical and one more diagonal}. 😁 (Yeah, I know, I'm being pedantic. Some habits die hard. My wife still looks at me askance when I call the sanitary facilities a head and the MDR the mess deck. Late night pizza is midrats.)
  8. Does Grand Turk have pierside operators that can take me to the Wall if I have time AFTER my ship-booked tour?
  9. FWIW, Costco has three 14-day generic packs for about $12. A bargain for those of us who are prescribed to take it daily.
  10. Thanks for sharing; we're taking this itinerary in 6 weeks!
  11. My military unit is having a a reunion cruise next month on a Carnival ship, causing this Princess guy to move over to the sister line for one cruise. So, a couple of questions, if I may, please: Tea: I don't drink coffee, but do drink strong black (not herbal) tea. Does Carnival stock the MDR and buffet with good black tea (something a little vacation worthy than Lipton)? Toiletries: Good quality or should I bring my own? Breakfast: I'm a maple syrup purist. Does Carnival carry real maple syrup (not Aunt Jemima or some other corn-syrup based, artificially flavored stoff) or should I bring my own. Wine: I presume Carnival will allow one bottle per adult to be brought on board? Rum: We'll be in the Caribbean; if I buy some souvenir rum, can I bring it aboard for bringing home? Thanks in advance for your forbearance and kind answers.
  12. I've been on two cruises (third is coming up quick). On my first cruise, we were on the starboard side, aft of the lift. Second cruise, port side, forward of the lift. On the first cruise, I always went directly to the stateroom, without fail or misdirection. I cannot tell you how many times on the second cruise I turned the wrong direction both entering the passageway upon leave the lift and leaving the stateroom.
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