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  1. We like deck 9 forward or mid forward on Royal class. No engine noise or vibration and a fairly quiet part of these ships.
  2. Do not understand. Are you implying that cruising right now is supported by science? Both the USA and Canada are likely beginning a 3rd wave of this cursed virus now due to these darn variants and looser behavior.
  3. Been on Regal several times and Sky for a 21 day b2b TA in Nov 2019. They are both great ships to sail and have a good time on and only the very nitpicky would be disappointed with either ship.
  4. We liked Take 5 quite a bit and spent some time there most nights on our b2b TA in 2019. It would be great to have both Crooner's and Take 5.
  5. Remove towels reserving deck chairs on pool deck after half an hour or so. Sick and tired of going to breakfast and seeing every deck chair reserved with no on in them and a couple of people in the pool.
  6. CB is at dock fairly often the last month or so in Lauderdale. Celebrity Summit sailed out yesterday and I think I have also seen Apex and Edge As well.
  7. Our accounts have always carried over on numerous b2bs.
  8. I'm of Italian descent and speak the language a bit. Amaretto actually means slightly bitter, not almonds. I think the great tasting DiSarrono brand is made with apricot kernel oil from the pits (no almonds) though I think almonds are used in some other brands. The almond flavour comes from benzaldehyde which is found in peach, apricot, and almond pits.
  9. Thank God for your post. I do the same with my wife. I never gave any particular side a second thought and this thread had me thinking I might be weird.
  10. There was dancing going on several nights in the Vista lounge on our Sky TA in late 2019.
  11. We were on a Sky TA in late 2019. There was dancing going on in the Vista lounge forward on many nights.
  12. They did in 2019. Do not know now with this pandemic. Best to call Princess if this is a showstopper for you.
  13. We were really looking forward to sail on her in mid Oct for a TA from Venice to Lauderdale. Sigh.
  14. DW and I have sailed on Royal, Regal, and Sky. We actually prefer forward cabins on Dolphin deck and have completed at least 8 cruises with that location. We have encountered zero problems and do not mind the slightly longer walks to other areas of the ship.
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