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  1. Over 4M Canadians received a mixed dose of vaccines.
  2. The USA will accept mixed vaccines on or about Nov 8. Millions of Canadians were double vaccinated with different vaccines which the figures show worked just fine. DW and I are Astrazenaca followed by Moderna. We can now think about cruising again in the future.
  3. We are Canadians and have had 3 OBC refund mixups in the past. An email to customer relations cleared all 3 up eventually, one taking over 3 months after another mixup. Princess could really improve in this area as I don't like to spend time chasing after what are after all book keeping problems.
  4. Once saw a passenger make a 5 inch thick or so bacon sandwich using toast in the buffet. Probably 15 or so strips. This memory has weirdly stuck with DW and myself for quite a while, maybe because we tell the story every now and then.
  5. Been on both. They are both great ships but my slight nod goes to Sky due to the extra pool and more functional Princess Live and Take 5 venue. Regal does have Crooners though which we also quite like.
  6. Isn't Savannah Harbour being dredged right now? Turning basis is quite small and the entrance channel to the Harbour is 20 to 30 miles long.
  7. As a former IT dork, the answer is most likely that the website and app are working off 2 different data sources/databases that have not been sync'd yet due to the sync schedule or a bug. This is very common in the business as there is often a bit of worry about letting an app have access to the official record. If it's a sync delay the problem will correct on the next run, otherwise could be a bug.
  8. Ditto on the cash back cards. We like the freedom they gives us. And as Yogi B more or less once said cash is almost as good as money.
  9. We make much better dogs at home wrapped in bacon with a strip of old cheddar inserted in a long slit made in the hot dog. Princess dogs are OK but nothing special for us...
  10. Thumbs up. Best we have ever tasted.....
  11. A silly seque here. I had a vasectomy about 15 years ago by a doctor who had performed over 23,000 procedures. No shot or anesthesia except for a Valium prescribed and taken about an hour prior. He had this tiny springy "thwacking" tool that he used to twang the spot where the short incision was to be made. Never felt a darn thing including the twang, all over in 60 seconds or so including a little dab of surgical glue. I still have very fond memories of the Valium pill though. That stuff is dangerous good.
  12. We were on Sky in Nov 2019. The International Cafe on deck 5 has little cakes and very fancy yummy sandwiches at no cost. The coffees are a chargeable item if you have not prepaid in some fashion.
  13. We were in Rome from Nov 5 2019 to the 10th before our TA cruise on Sky Princess. The weather was fine with a light windbreaker at the coldest. We then sailed to Florence, Genoa, Toulouse, Spain, Portugal...... - all with quite fine weather. That being said, it is really impossible to predict November weather IMO.
  14. In the USA and Canada, The main difference between these two types of king-sized mattress is: the size. A regular king mattress is 80” long and 76” wide and gives sleepers 6,080 square inches of sleeping space. While the California king is 84” long and 72” inches wide, giving sleepers 6,048 square inches of sleeping space.
  15. Dolphin forward, deck 9 - always We use stairs a lot and walk for the exercise in a futile attempt to mitigate the millions of calories on the ship invading our bodies.
  16. What a strange thread. DW and I are Astra/Moderna. We got fully jabbed to prevent death, serious illness and long COVID. Cruising was not even a remote consideration despite having seven cruises cancelled in the past 18 months or so. We are both doing very well healthwise and our paperwork says we are fully vaccinated. We are talking about a couple of weeks in Italy now. If Princess doesn't want us - SHRUG.
  17. Guess we get to save '000s of cruise $$$ in the short to mid term now as we are Astra/Moderna. Looks like some cruise lines are not up to date with the current studies on mixing.
  18. I had the same impression on reading. He sounded fairly upset. Wish him all the best.
  19. I think the whole point of fining travellers in Canada is to discourage travel as travel is the chief way the variants spread from country to country. It has certainly discouraged us.
  20. Simple answer. Vaccinations work best when enough people are vaccinated to establish herd immunity which gives the virus a much reduced chance to spread. It is quite possible to get COVID even if vaccinated, Bill Maher did last week. A ship with everyone vaccinated is much safer than one with 60% vaccinated. There is also the 14% chance of becoming a long hauler if you get the disease.
  21. Think we will hold off on booking for the time being. Afraid a ship might turn into a floating petrie dish with the large number of deniers and anti-vaxxers out there. Cuba and the DR are seeming a lot safer to me right now.
  22. We were on the same cruise with b2b TA and have pretty much the same picture.
  23. Actually there are a few differences in areas such as pools, Crooners, Princess Live, Take 5, La Mer......etc. We gave been on Royal, Regal, and Sky and enjoyed all.
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