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  1. Thanks for the review. We are on the same itinerary leaving this Saturday. Would love to hear about your Grenada experience as our only plans there are a day passes at a resort.
  2. Thanks for all the pictures and the dailies. We are on this same itinerary on the Summit on 4/13. Can’t wait!
  3. Thanks for your comments, we are in 6116 in a couple weeks. I’ve been really disappointed about the balcony furniture after seeing pictures. I’ll be sure to follow your lead and request the more traditional chairs early and often! Wondering if I should also pack an air freshener just in case?
  4. Thanks for the pics! We are in 6116 in a couple weeks and can’t wait!
  5. My husband and I did our first Celebrity cruise on the Summit last April and we are on the Summit again in a few weeks. We had cruised Royal Caribbean and Carnival in the past. While Celebrity doesn't have as many activities or entertainment options as some other cruise lines, we were never bored or looking for something to do. There were lots of trivia and game show activities and lots of live music. As someone mentioned already, the Silent Disco is a blast and they do that 2 times per week. I did find the main shows in the theater in the evening to be just okay. The comedians were good, the stage shows were just not my thing. Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks for the review! We are on the Summit 4/13 in a Sky Suite. We loved our last Summit cruise (April 2018) and our only minor complaint was lack of service poolside. Really looking forward to taking advantage of the Retreat this year! Enjoy your last day!
  7. Thanks Jim_Lain! The video of 6115 shows the same set-up as in the photos above on the right with the table and chairs but there are no loungers on the left. There is some kind of weird box on the deck of the veranda to the left and I'm wondering if that means there wasn't room for the loungers. If that's the case, I'm worried about having the same issue on the opposite side of the ship. If so, I guess we could always ask to replace the table & chairs with loungers.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Lots of good info in the app for our 4/13 Summit sailing!
  9. Following along! We are on the Summit on 4/13 in a Sky Suite. Can't wait! Glad you had a good trip through the CLT airport, that's our hometown. Lots of renovation going on in some of the concourses these days.
  10. Yikes! We are on this sailing. Makes me nervous! I received a "move up" email recently and when I went to check suite availability, I couldn't find the cruise on the website. At the time I just assumed it was fully booked. Hopefully this is just a glitch and not a bad omen 🙂
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