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  1. Nevermind, answer my own question now, just received an email with a countdown clock to 10.00 am Aus time.
  2. What time of day do the cruises become available for booking - is it at 12.01 am or some time later in the morning?
  3. Had the same positive experience for our cruise later in the year, except we were still in the no cost cancellation period so no fee and deposit was transferred across to the new booking. Rang up RCI, the gentleman at the other end cancelled our booking and put in a new one on the new lower price with OBC that was in the deal, kept the same stateroom, all good. We never use travel agents and do all our own bookings online, but in this case was much better to call and get RCI to sort it out than cancel and re-book ourselves, especially as we may then have lost the room we'd picked.
  4. The site thankfully has worked fine for me from day one - and now directly connects to the cruise planner without having to log in separately which was annoying. Maybe the demand on the Australian site being so much less has meant fewer issues in transition. Of course that doesn't change that even fully functioning its a pretty poor website for this day and age.
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