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  1. I lodged the dispute at the start of April and a temporary credit was given within a few days. I got the letter stating it was final after about 4-5 weeks I think.
  2. After a complete lack of communication with Seadream about getting my deposit back after cancelling a Fall cruise in mid March I lodged a dispute with my credit card and received all of my deposit back .. people we were travelling with also had to do the same. We were originally told 10-14 days in writing and then heard nothing until I contacted Seadream and they then said via email it would be 90 days and did not return any of my several calls. Since I had the contract which clearly stated a refund was due since we cancelled more than 120 days out, and I had a written email acknowledging tha
  3. Credit card companies do not feel 90 days is reasonable . Sea dream told me 10-14 days when I cancelled my November cruise back in March . After waiting 30 days with no communication from seadream I had my credit card company deal with it and received the refund of my deposit shortly thereafter .. their complete disregard for their clients and refusal to communicate made me unwilling to take a chance on them
  4. The above ( complete lack of communication and refusal to speak with me plus nonsense reasons as to why they could not process my refund before 90 days despite putting in writing that it would be 10-14 days ) is why I let my credit card company deal with it. I now have my refund and will never deal with seadream again ( if they are around) in spite of the wonderful crew and experience we had on-board with them in November . They were the only company that I had to deal with in this way
  5. I had a booking that I cancelled in March, well before the 120 days. I was told my refund would arrive in 10-14 days but that never happened. There was no communication from seadream until I emailed them and even then they just sent me an impersonal email saying it would now take 90 days. After making multiple calls and being told someone would call me back, I never did get a return call. I sent emails to seadream and cc'd some individuals from the executive team and the owner ( interestingly some of those bounced back as undeliverable ) but never got a reply other than a cut-and-paste stand
  6. Also, choosing to leave deposits with small local companies such as a camp or gym or dog walker so that they can stay financially afloat is not the same as leaving a deposit with a cruise company such as Seadream. I am happy to help the former but it is not my responsibility to provide an interest free loan to a privately owned luxury yacht company. If the company has financial issues then they should look to a bank for help- not to their passengers . My contract with them states, as does their initial email, that I would receive a refund of my deposit upon cancellation as long as it was
  7. I agree that we all need to help out where we can. I am allowing tenants to continue to stay in a rental house I own rent-free as they have lost their jobs. It’s the right thing to do and I didn’t wait for them to have to ask for this. I also use small local businesses as they need the support. This doesn’t apply to the situation with Seadream however. I cancelled a November cruise with them more than a month ago and well before final payment was due. They sent me an email stating I would receive my deposit back within 14 days. After a month I had heard nothing and sent them an email- i
  8. Well I guess I now have a clear picture of how Seadream treats it’s customers. After reaching out 3 times over almost 3 weeks and being told each time that a manager would get back to me within a day I have not had any contact from Seadream. Nothing. Meanwhile, other companies such as an airline and a large villa rental agency who are equally if not more busy, have been able to reach out to me on the same day and also issue refunds ( and the villa refund was a very large amount- much larger than my Seadream deposit ). I think this speaks volumes about Seadream. They might provide a nice p
  9. I have been very unimpressed by how Seadream has acted during this pandemic and won’t sail with them again. I also am concerned they won’t be around to honour a credit. They were sending out tone deaf messages on Instagram about enjoying champagne in the surf even days after the pandemic was declared . They are still booking passengers for May of this year even though it’s pretty clear that those sailings won’t happen. They have not returned calls. Every other tour operator I have dealt with has behaved in a way that makes it clear they are thinking about the health and safety of their cli
  10. They did offer to apply my deposit to any future cruise so if that is what you want to do it is definitely an option. . I was not interested in that
  11. I emailed on Friday asking them to honour the 14 day timeline that they quoted me in an email and have received no response which is very poor customer service. I also spoke with someone last week who continued to insist that everything was fine and the only reason for the delay was because they are working at home which makes no sense. When I asked to speak with someone higher up I was out on hold and then told there was no possibility of speaking to anyone . I also said my concern was the company’s viability and was told their ships are fully paid for and the company has no liquidity iss
  12. We had a cruise booked for November 2020 ( which we booked while on board last November). Given the current situation with Covid 19 we decided to cancel and did so 2 weeks ago. We were told we would receive a refund to our credit card within 2 weeks. That time has come and gone. I wrote to Seadream and they now say it will be 90 days to get a refund and blamed the fact they are now working at home. This is very concerning. I had multiple trips booked and now cancelled over the next year- every other travel provider has refunded me promptly. Not sure what is going on with Seadream but t
  13. Thanks for the information. We booked through a travel agent so she might have made that choice for us. You are right- all that matters is that we have what we need to get onboard! Looking forward to it
  14. Do they do this for every cruise? We leave for st maarten this Thursday and will board SDII on Saturday for our first cruise with them. We have not received anything except an email with a ticket we have to print out and sign. Maybe because we are in canada.?
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