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  1. I would say that cruising has changed, and not for the better. Before it was an intimate way to travel. Nowadays with most of the midpriced cruise lines having ships that hold over 3000 people, people, myself included, feel that they are herded like cattle. The food is definitely not as good and the service is not as personable. At the ports, with that many people getting off of the ship, the destination is overcrowded and commercialized. I use to love cruising. I have been on over 60 cruises and now I prefer to travel differently.
  2. Everything on a cruise ship is ZERO calories.........
  3. 2020 Windstar it is....can't wait
  4. It clearly states 8.....just telling you what the rules are as they are written.
  5. Good for you.....I am not one for breaking the rules....as you are.
  6. Has anyone sailed on this special cruise? Thinking about giving it to my hubby for anniversary present, but want to make sure it is worth it....what are your thoughts? positive and negative. THANK YOU....................................................................................
  7. I have to agree with you. You can swim in a pool anywhere....why wouldn't you want to take a dip in the beautiful ocean?? I guess that's why they make vanilla and chocolate. 🙂
  8. I was on the Grandeur last year this time and out of the 50+ cruises I have been on this ship was my LEAST favorite. It was in desperate need of updating....it was loud (they had loud music playing 24/7 thruout the ship). It was difficult to get drinks (one bartender on at a time and no waiters/waitresses). Personally, I wouldn't go on the Grandeur again if someone gave it to me for free. JMO
  9. We are cruising in October. I just thought a sample of the MOS Cruise Compass for teens would give him some idea.
  10. I am cruising with my 14 year old nephew in October on the Mariner of the Seas. Does anyone have a copy of the Cruise Compass for teens? He has never cruised and would like to see some of the activities they offer. THANK YOU.
  11. Just an FYI: It truly helps your experience if you research what you are purchasing. It sounds to me that you did not, if you didn't know that the promenade was inside and the number of dining options. I highly recommend using a travel agent. They are trained to match you with the product that you are looking for.
  12. Hi All......My hubby and I will be taking our 13 year old on a cruise in October. We are looking to sail on Mariner of the Seas. What suggestions do you have to make sure he has the most awesome time ever???? He is going through some things and I want to make sure he enjoys himself. THANK YOU in advance for your suggestions/comments.
  13. Hi All.....taking my 14 year old nephew on the Mariner of the Seas. While in Nassau we are interested in going to either Balmoral Island or Blue Lagoon Island. Would appreciate any feedback you may have concerning these two excursions. Thank you.
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