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  1. . I like the idea of taking the 5.1 or 5.2 to get the lay of the land. Do you know approximately how long that ride is?
  2. That is good news. Even if our hotel was close, schlepping our luggage does not sound fun ! So, more than likely there will be taxis. I appreciate your feed back. Thank you.
  3. We recently received email from RCI regarding a terminal change. The email states that on debarkation day, we will shuttle from the pier to the World Trade Center Terminal South. They suggest, since taxis re limited, to prebook a transfer. We are staying in Barcelona for a for a few days post cruise, so we need a ride to our hotel, which is near Las Ramblas. Does anyone know the taxi situation? I looked into private transfer, seems expensive for a short trip. Thanks.
  4. Sailing on Vision in September. Just checked our Setsail passes and my husband and I have "expediated arrival". Our two family members traveling with us do not have this on their passes. I did the check-in for all of us, I don't remember seeing this as an option. Is this randomly assigned? This must be a nbew program? Icouldn't find much information and never found Vision listed as a participating ship. Any insight or thoughts? Thanks.
  5. Thanks ! I was able to look up in th order history. One excursion is $18 less per person, all others are more. I'm going to try the modify.
  6. Booked on Vision in September. Already booked shore excursion through RCI. When I go to check for current prices, the excursions we are booked on do not show up,hence I can't check price! What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.
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