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  1. GOT IT — In my cc account this morning; just too bad that I’m excited about the return of MY money 😟😟 Don’t know if it was AX intervention (contacted three weeks ago) or Crystal’s ‘normal’ process (no word from them regarding refund) Anyway, this has been quite an experience ....
  2. Thank you- this response was most helpful 👍
  3. In other words our previous benefits — from sailing in SF’s many times — are gone, even though that category is now ‘Aft facing penthouse with balcony’ (NCL’s description for an SN)
  4. Always had SF category — always had cagneys
  5. NOT a laundry question !! Do Jade aft facing mini suites (not new balcony suites) still have breakfast/lunch benefits at Cagneys ?? yes, it has been years since we cruised with NCL
  6. We made today’s Los Angeles Times !! Article entitled ‘There may be hope for cruise refunds’ ... Crystal was the ONLY one mentioned 😟😟
  7. thanks for the confirmation ......
  8. Indeed..........seems like a month's worth of refunds does NOT equal a month's worth of "work" 😞 😞
  9. Assuming the friend cancelled reservation BEFORE Crystal cancelled sailing .........therefore $100 ad. fee ?? This timing makes me "hopeful" of receiving my refund (requested June 5) before the end of the year !!
  10. Therefore I can assume any requests for refunds made in June 2020 for crystal cancelled cruises still have sixty days to wait — should be a wonderful holiday gift but definitely not to be used for a Crystal Cruise 😟😟
  11. Congratulations & thanks for giving me hope !!
  12. Sounds right to me: if you didn't take "the chance" of waiting until Crystal cancelled, your cancellation is under "normal" conditions ...........although NORMAL is now such a remarkable concept 😦😦
  13. Thank you for sharing your ‘good’ story & ending — filed claim with AX this week (four days before one year mark of deposit statement) ...... giving me hope !!
  14. Thank you for the clarification and sorry for the financial loss you incurred; since my request for our refund was after Crystal's cancellation, hoping for the return of ALL my money !!
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