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  1. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242595896.html So sad that the Romanian crew members aboard the Navigator have had to resort to a hunger strike.
  2. Possibly. Or you’ll see a shake-up to the entire industry that will take years to recover. Frankly, I think that this whole thing will scare off the new cruisers and casual cruisers for quite a while. I’m talking about people who aren’t on this message board. The HAL ship headed to Fort Lauderdale is going to put cruises back in the spotlight again, and not in a good way. The stigma of cruise ships being Petri dishes is going to be a tough one for the entire industry to shake. Until the virus has been eradicated, older clientele will likely avoid. The last thing anyone wants from their v
  3. Booked for mid-September. Very, very doubtful we’ll be sailing because we have a 1 year-old. Final payment is due in June, so we’ll see. Hate to say it, but a lot really depends on whether we contract CV between now and then. Wife is a nurse practitioner in a pediatric ICU, so who knows. If we get it & recovered from it and thus have the immunity built up, we’ll go for sure. If not, then I don’t see that happening. We’ll find some other way to vacation.
  4. It's spread by respiratory exposure. Cruise cabins are very close quarters that recirculate the air, which just so happens to be a very effective way for type of virus to spread. Here's a very, very informative 15-minute interview segment on Joe Rogan's podcast from infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm:
  5. I mean, I get it. But this type of stuff doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Never has, never will. I love Coco Cay and Labadee because I know that it will be a great beach day that costs me exactly ZERO dollars. Beach days at some of my favorite islands run me $100 between the taxi, chair/umbrella rentals, food and drinks on the beach, etc., as the best beaches on non-private islands are almost never walkable from the ports. My wife and I always marvel at the incredibly wide range of spending we see out of others on every cruise we go on, but it does not change our spending habit
  6. In addition to all of the above, and not really for purchase on Amazon, I’m a fan of bringing a $1 bottle of liquid hand soap for the room. Much easier than the bar soap, especially since you should be doing a lot of hand washing every time you go back to the room. Also, a pad of Post-It notes always comes in handy for Leaving messages for the room steward, and sticking a few to your door to make it easier to spot when you’re walking down the hall. Love the snacks idea. I need to remember that for my next cruise. Finally, don’t forget about your 2 bottles of win
  7. I saved about $200 rebooking yesterday. I had been checking every week for a few months now. Glad it finally paid off!
  8. We've got a toddler and specifically booked a 5-night cruise on Independence in September that only stops at Coco Cay and Labadee for a similar reason -- the ease of accessing the beach with lots of paved sidewalks, bathrooms, food and drink options (free!) and chairs/umbrellas (free!), all while being close to the ship in case it isn't a good day for her. A typical cruise with non-private islands poses a bunch of logistical nightmares for even something as simple as a beach day because many beaches worth going to are not walkable from ports. That particular cruise itinerary will hopefully me
  9. This is a good suggestion. Step away from the room while she’s getting ready and let the photographer know in advance what’s up and to take a ton of pics to capture everything, including her candid reaction. When you head down, you can say “let’s get our picture taken” as if everything is normal. The photog will be able to capture everything, which will be awesome for you and her to see. Then, celebrate the engagement at the specialty restaurant. With advance notice, I feel like a loyalty ambassador or someone at guest services may be able to arrange for you to have a photog just happen to
  10. Really appreciate this post. We are cruising with our daughter who will be 14 months old at the time of our trip. Just a 5 night on Independence to Labadee and Coco Cay, which should be easier port stops to get some beach time. Several questions for you: 1) Did the nursery indicate how much capacity they would have for kids under 3 years old? It's not a huge concern, but I have read other places to go straight to the nursery to lock down times just to make sure you don't get blocked out. 2) Any other tips, complaints, or things we should know about the nursery?
  11. I figured that the pier at Coco Cay would eliminate the issue of the seas being too rough for tender boats to get off the ship, but an acquaintance told me last night that on her cruise, the seas were too rough to get off the ship because the water was washing over the pier. The ship rocked, sat there a good part of the day, but they were never able to get off to enjoy the island. This was news to me. Anyone experience this, or hear of this being an issue since the pier was finished? If so, any idea if this a common occurrence?
  12. This is greatly appreciated!! We are in the process of planning our 1st cruise with our infant, and our little one will be about 15 months old at the time of the sailing. This really helped us visualize what our experience is going to be like at the time of our trip. Thanks so much for sharing! Also, any tips for parents traveling with a child of that age on RCCL? Did you bring your own pack & play, or did you use a crib provided by RCCL? Also, did you use the nursery for babysitting at all? What did you learn that you wish you knew in advance? Any insight would be helpf
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