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  1. I emigrated to Australia with my parents as ten pound poms in the very early 60's. I seem to remember my mum saying it was the P and O Orcades? My mum and I (I was almost three years old) shared a cabin with some Dutch women and my dad shared with some other men. This really was like travelling steerage. This cruise will be my first with P and O since then. We like Princess cruises but at the end of the day it is the itinerary and price which will decide us.
  2. We should have been on the Sapphire on the 23rd of February going to Asia. It was cancelled and we got a full refund and 50 %Fcc. We booked with a travel agent and it was covered by Abta.
  3. I'm really shocked about there being no infection disease officer. It sounds like the whole ship is in chaos.
  4. The passengers leaving on the 13th got no notice and many had arrived the day before and either had to find somewhere else to go or just fly back home. So we were grateful that we hadn't flown for 14 hours and had to fly back the next day. I hope you hear something soon.
  5. We are due to fly to Singapore on the 20th February, two nights in Singapore then join the sapphire to travel to Thailand and Vietnam. Then go to Bali for five nights. I am not so much worried about catching the corona virus as we will practice good hygiene as we always do. I'm more worried about arriving in Singapore and finding that the ship is in quarantine and we cannot board. This is a trip of a lifetime for us, not least because I have a medical condition that will curtail my lifespan. I dread the thought that we will fly for 14 hours, board the ship and not be able to disembark at the c
  6. We missed two ports due to problems with the engines. The cruise just before ours had a major leak from the pool and the guests were offered 50% off their next cruise. We didn't get anything.
  7. Several years ago we were on a Fred Olson cruise in the Caribbean. There was a problem with the engines and we missed two ports one of which we really wanted to visit. In fact we booked the cruise to visit it. We weren't offered any compensation. Never went with Fred Olson again.
  8. We're sailing from Singapore to Thailand, Vietnam and on to five nights in bali with Princess. My main concern is that it's a 14 hour flight for us from the UK to Singapore and if we get there and flights from Singapore and bali are cancelled or not allowed back to the UK where does that leave us? We paid £550 for our 12 month travel insurance as I have health issues and I don't know if Princess insurance would have covered me.
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