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  1. Bring one just in case. Some rooms have a keypad, others require a card. We used our AAA card.
  2. I did ziplocs with outfits for our cruise as well and it worked perfectly. I was able to throw all of them on the shelves in the closet, hang jackets and dress clothes that I didn't put in ziplocs and put the empty suitcase in the closet area nearest the door and forget about it for a week. As things got dirty I could put them back in ziplocs, no smell, no dampness on anything. Everyone is going to pack the way that works for them. No one mentions shoes much. The amount I need for a 7-day would take up 1/2 the carry-on so no way could I get everything(toiletries take up more space than many people would admit also)in a carry-on although it's a goal of mine....
  3. Funny thing about that.....Fascination was in dry dock before we sailed but that was apparently one thing they didn't update. As for the safe, ours required a card(I brought my AAA card for this)but our friends we sailed with that stayed in the cabin right next to ours had a keypad. They also had a hairdryer, we didn't(I don't use one so it didn't matter), they got towel animals everyday but we didn't, and there was another difference but I forget what it was. It was just strange that's all.
  4. Oh I guess it depends on the ship. We were on Fascination and it sure would've been easier if we could have used our S&S cards!
  5. I had them mail me the actual card. I believe an e-card is available but only certain times.
  6. I didn't read word-for-word every response but I will answer what I can. We just went on our first cruise in February and I researched like crazy a well. Main points: You've already prepaid gratuities. Don't sweat extra, it won't make any difference. Laundry-you need quarters-bring some with you or you will be waiting in guest services line to buy some. Excursions-if you want fun without breaking the bank, we did the Kon-Tiki boat in St. Thomas and had fun. Unlimited rum punch, a great band, dancing and plenty of beach time. I haven't been to the other ports, so I can't comment on those. Formal night-as long as you have pants on, I think everything is a go. Guys at our table wore Hawaiian shirts every night and no one blinked an eye. Take lots of pictures! You will be hounded by photographers all over the ship and when you get on/off at ports. If you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for the pictures they take, then make your own memories. One thing to note thought, we did buy just 3 of the photos specifically because then we got a couple freebies-we were able to come home, sign on to Shutterfly and use codes they gave us for a free photo album and a luggage tag using our own pics. The album was really a nice touch cause we will always have that from our first cruise. Cheers-definitely do this. With over 21s going with you, they will drink and now you don't have to worry about it. Because it includes specialty coffees, soda, energy drinks, etc. it's worth it. I'm so glad we did it since I didn't realize until a few weeks before we sailed that no pop or perrier or anything is included, that's all extra. Something you may not have thought of: Carnival gift cards. Go onto the AARP rewards for good site(no you don't need to be a member)and earn points then buy the cards at 10% off. It may not seem like much, but I paid for the whole cruise this way and our $3k cruise was $300 off using those cards. Ship temperature-if anyone in your group "runs cold", they may want a sweater or light jacket when they are on the ship. The open areas of the ship are plenty warm in the Caribbean but they have the AC up so high inside the ship that I was shivering much of the week we sailed! Have fun!!
  7. I brought strong magnets on our cruise in February and unfortunately, the walls weren't metal. I guess it depends what ship???
  8. I appreciate what you are saying but it's certainly not "free". Included, yes...but only if you dress up and only on a 7-day and only 1 night. It's funny that during our first cruise a couple months ago I could tell that the others at the table knew all this(I had no idea it was one night or anything)cause they each ordered 3. LOL
  9. Yes things like that are a must when paying so much for these cruises. I expect the food to be good tasting/quality or why bother to cruise? Everything else you pay separately for so I would expect that at $100s a night per person for a room that the included food would be good. In comparison, any casino has an all you can eat buffet including things like prime rib and it's usually like $25/person. Some of them the drinks are free if you are sitting at a machine. So again, why cruise unless the food is exemplary? So yes, deal breaker for me-too bad I found out after booking our cruise that the lobster/prime rib options were only certain nights. But at least we had it.
  10. Enjoy your cruise! Irregardless of all observations, I would sail on this ship again!!
  11. Yes to all the above and as someone else said, take the stairs. Also, go for a jog on the treadmill or up on the track. I was so afraid that I wouldn't get all my steps in while on our cruise and I actually managed more steps than usual! Between the ports, stairs, and using the exercise equipment, I cheated on my diet and only gained 5 lbs. on our 7-day. That was pretty good for me as I can gain 5 lbs. in just one weekend eating/drinking what I want. As others said, though, try not to worry about it too much. You're doing great and it is definitely a journey that will last a lifetime!!
  12. I guess I should've cruised back then!
  13. Wow I can't imagine spending what we did on our cruise a few weeks ago 20 years ago! For less money than hubby and I spent on a 7-day, we took our whole family(2 of us, 2 kids)to Disney for a week in 2003! And yes, I'm looking at totals-food, housing, flights, rental car, souvenirs, etc. Guess that's why I always thought only rich people cruised!
  14. Do you really think that the cost of a cruise hasn't changed in 20 years?
  15. That's the other reason I would rather be at a smaller table, we were never done with dinner before 7:30 and most nights it was 7:45-8 and they were hurrying to set up for the next group. Making an early show was never an option unless we got up before dancing/dessert and just left. We never did that cause I felt like it would be rude.
  16. Thank you for this information. I was wondering what the differences were, although I realized that ours was smaller and older than most. I think that I would be afraid of sailing on a larger ship because many people talk about lines to get food and how deck chairs are hard to get, things like that. I liked not feeling crowded and claustrophobic and that the lines for things weren't too long. That being said, I would be curious about these "bells and whistles" other ships have!
  17. It depends also if you want to be able to talk to the people you are cruising with. Since we had 6pm seating at a regular table(10 people)we(4 of us) were in a circle sitting next to each other rather than across from each other so anyone at the end couldn't even see the person at the other end. This was fine for talking with new people but I liked the first night when we walked in and the 4 of us had a square table and could all talk and visit.
  18. Yes, true, but being our first cruise it was fine. If the ship was larger, I would've never figured out where everything was! We don't know anything about "classes" of ships. If I ever cruise again I would prob pick this type again. Had everything we needed just didn't realize about the drinks. Def not a deal breaker I just won't get Cheers next time!
  19. Just realize that all of this varies from ship to ship. And day to day. Sometimes we would hit the coffee bar and no one was there, sometimes the line was ten people deep. Also, things on the menu vary. There wasn't any Honest Tea on our ship. I would've definitely got one. There weren't any non-alcoholic bottles of stuff for us to get on cheers except water. Cans of carbonated water and rockstar were available but that was it. No tea, vitamin water, power ade, etc. that I could find.
  20. We had early dining on our first and only cruise a few weeks ago and if I had it to do again I would do anytime. I hated rushing to go eat every night. That being said, I might also pick other alternatives to the MDR next time to eliminate the whole change clothes for dinner thing.
  21. To each his own but I would much rather smell my son's strawberry milkshake vape than the smell of a run-over skunk in the road!
  22. I agree to buy beforehand but yes saw them onboard and the sale was buy one get one 1/2 but the sets were $50 and up if I remember correctly.
  23. Exactly. And yes, you can even make your own juice buying the ingredients(propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine)at any natural foods store.
  24. Yes as is any addictive stimulant-Adderall, Cocaine, Amphetamine, even Caffeine. But what kills people when smoking is the tobacco, not the nicotine.
  25. Wow ok sorry I stand corrected. We were already in our room when they came with the water and I saw how they did it and figured that would be across the board cause cheaper for them to buy it in a 24-pack. I truly wish it had been wrapped as it would have been easier.....
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