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  1. As far as I know none of my ports will require a tender.
  2. New cruiser here. Im just curious as to the times listed at the various ports during my cruise. For example if my port time is 9am-1pm does that mean the ship is docked and ready to let passengers off at 9am, returning to ship by 1pm or are the times the actual arrival and departure times of the ship? Im trying to figure this out in regards to excursion planning!!
  3. Are you suggesting I do not know how many passengers a typical car holds? Lol As stated, I have not used uber much, just for myself a few times. And Im not sure if they limit the number of passengers regardless of vehicle capacity.
  4. I have not used uber much and never in NYC, is it easy to get an uber for 4?
  5. Well maybe ill find a cheaper option lol
  6. Ill be doing the same thing in December. Same hotel, 2 days before cruise begins, so we will want to explore the city. There will be 4 adults no kids. We are thinking of using uber to get into city, unless the hotel has bettter ideas.
  7. Nothing worse then a beat up beer lol
  8. Do any of you know if bottled water is included with the Ultimate Beverage package? Single bottles. Never mind I just answered my own question, it is not covered.
  9. Thank you both very much. Prices are not horrible considering the amount of the cruise I suppose.
  10. Other stuff? Well maybe if i bring something back to cabin i guess. I think I read that no drinks are allowed to be brought on board. But you can pre purchase a case of water for like $25 if you want lol. I have a lot to discover I guess!
  11. Hello, will be sailing on the Gem in December, in a regular balcony cabin. I see that the cabin has a mini fridge, and I have noticed that it has mini bottle of alcohol or other various drinks in some of the videos I have viewed. What is normally stocked? And will I be charged for using any of it? Im a new cruiser so im just curious!
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