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  1. Hi , a while back I read on this board that Queen Mary have no admission or discount admission to board QM with a Carnival Cruise ticket, but I don't know that was true or are they still offering it?
  2. Sorry for not giving wrong information I thought SWA didn't fly into SWA 'It seems like they started flying out of KLGB recently
  3. Southwest doesn't fly out of Long Beach at all.
  4. Cheers package includes unlimited specialty coffee drinks unless it includes alcohol in the drink.
  5. This change was not a legal issue!! Wow. I was kinda in agreement with charging for Room service, but they should have, and I think they will charge "room service" fee of $2.99 to $7.99. That's my guess.
  6. I have a question to ask confirm the rumor that there was a natural death of a passenger on Conquest about 5 weeks ago? I tried to google search, search CC, and other sites to confirm this rumor. The guy who is saying this is only providing pictures of the cabin where they taped it off and the picture of the corners.. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate to ask this.
  7. don't worry I will have a good time and don't get upset 🙂 I'm going with the flow!!! This cruise will be my 7th cruise.. 🙂
  8. Last week, I booked Panorama for her first cruise.. I booked one of the last accessible staterooms. Who is going on the first cruise? It'd be so exciting.. I thought I have made a mistake on booking the first cruise, but after thinking about it the cruise will be worth it..
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