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  1. I've found it bizarre you can wear almost any type of footwear/pants in the MDR but the staff will call out folks wearing a hat and make you remove it. It's a personal opinion, but I"d much rather see a hat on someone than some people's feet. Yes, I know, tradition.
  2. Can I compress the dirty laundry in a compression bag and then put it into the laundry bag? Serious question because I always have compression bags with me.
  3. Bummer - was hoping it was on deck 12 with the rest of the kids area. Thanks for the info.
  4. Does anyone have pictures of the guppies play area on the breakaway (ages 1/2 to 3 years old)? Is the access from the 12th floor?
  5. But then your latitudes discounts (if any) don't show...
  6. I"m seeing "Comments are disabled for this video." Is anyone else?
  7. Yes, dining package not latitudes.... seems workers don't distinguish the differences.
  8. Multiple people reporting they were limited to 1-1-1 on the breakaway so I'm preparing for the worst. So even if they limit 1-1-1, just order whatever we want (just 1 entree) and check the bill later?
  9. I'm expecting to get on the ship and be told the dining plan only includes 1 app, 1 salad/ soup (and 1 entree which is clear). Several people in my party really enjoy multiple appetizers and it is important to them. Do they employees just not know the rules so I should ask them to just ring up the appetizers? Will it automatically get removed from the bill? How do you handle this (politely) on the cruise? Is bringing the terms printed out the best way? Will they still fight it? Deal with it after the meal at guest relations?
  10. How much is the cirque show normally without the dining package?
  11. If you have a forward facing balcony in hot climate areas, that wind might feel good, no? Trying to see if this is a big problem or not.
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