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  1. I agree about the walk being long and hot. If you aren’t used to walking in the heat I would not attempt it. The shuttle is very inexpensive and you can catch it right at the port.
  2. They responded to us within 24 hours. Use the link on their website. It truly is a fabulous way to snorkel and see Bonaire. The owners are wonderful.
  3. We have walked it. There are sidewalks and/or pedestrian paths the entire way. We walk at least 3 miles a day in Florida so we are used the heat. That said, it was hot. We stopped at a little market along the way and got something to drink.
  4. Does the Mardi Gras have a place to get milkshakes?
  5. Yes. If you email them they will send you a link to see the routes. They do require a reservation but do not require a deposit.
  6. Bonaire Cruisers is taking reservations for golf carts. We just reserved for October. It is very easy to get around by golf cart and it is a great way to see Bonaire and very safe. By far, one of our favorite things to do in Bonaire - we stop to snorkel along the way.
  7. Thank you for the replies. We booked it.
  8. There are a few Ocean Suites on the Mardi Gras that are on corners - 10276 is one. What are the pros and cons of those suites? We are considering sailing in one.
  9. Our 9 year old granddaughter loved it this past June on the Equinox. There were lots of activities and the counselors were great. She usually went in the afternoons and after dinner. I
  10. We used them last year at the new location. The location is so much nicer than the old location. It is a covered garage near many shops. Very close to the port. The only negative is there can be a wait for the shuttle to get to the port.
  11. Thank you! I didn’t think so but thought I would check.
  12. Do I make reservations for shows/entertainment on the Edge?
  13. We were on the Equinox in June and didn’t see anyone in formal clothes. A few men had on suits or sports jackets. Some women wore dresses (not formal but there were a few cocktail dresses) or dress slacks with a nice blouse.
  14. The dolphins do not push you through the water on the Dolphin Encounter. Our Celebrity excursion included everything but food and souvenirs.
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