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  1. Well that helps me understand it better so thank you! But it still seems odd to me as the fee was added to the October final pay. So if no final pay......?
  2. I did wait until Carnival canceled the October cruise. Then my TA used the link to book the new cruise and I have the $600 FCC to prove that.
  3. This just doesn't seem right! We moved our cruise in October by a week and understood we would have a $50 per person change fee applied to final payment. Obviously both cruises were canceled. We had $250 deposited on the October cruise and when we rebooked to April they deducted the $100 combined change fee from our ($250 deposit) credit applied to the new cruise. Does this seem fair? I was happy to pay for the cruise I changed but how can I still owe that money on a cruise they canceled (although I appreciate not by their choice). Looking for advice from my friends at CC - is this worth
  4. Finally got our refund for our April cruise. 7 weeks to the day from TA cancel notice. Chase took 5 days to post. The deposit was split into two payments that didn't match but together equaled the right amount.
  5. Brilliant! thank you so much! I've been trying for two days. I called Carnival and they said not everyone qualified and apparently I didn't. Tried this and YES!
  6. I'm wondering about the August Legend cruise out of Barcelona as well. First it has to get to Europe of course and there are no Legend cruise options out there for Europe until 2021. I hope they tell us before the final pay in May. Impossible to put that money down knowing what is going on in Europe for us.
  7. Hilarious!!!! I needed this. April 19th I'll be in the hillbilly hot tub my husband put together in the backyard toasting the squirrels tipping over my birdfeeder..... far cry from my first RCL cruise on Harmony!
  8. What does one do if they don't book anything on Coco Cay? We are 10 weeks out and the beach club is already sold out. On the Disney and Carnival islands we always walked a bit down the beach and just chilled in the free chairs. This island seems enormous so advice on a nice spot on the beach would be great. We won't be "lugging" kids so it's fine to walk a bit. Thank you!!!!
  9. Thank you so much for the excellent advice. I'm 31 cruises in on Carnival and researching like crazy for my first RC on the Harmony in April. I'm really having trouble navigating the RC site to answer simple questions so I'll start here. Can we take a small power strip onboard like we can on carnival? Do they have a wine package for purchase of several bottles during the cruise - not the all inclusive beverage package? What amenities are in a balcony cabin? Robe, shampoo and conditioner? Thanks again for taking the time to post such an excellent comparison!
  10. I love that thought! Everyone has provided such great tips. Half the fun has been all the research!
  11. Thank you everyone for the awesome advice! I will definitely have an open mind and am actually really excited to try something different. Couple of other questions. Excursions - I've really counted on member reviews to figure out which excursion I'd like to try. I stay with the cruise lines offerings because I've heard to many horror stories around making it back to the ship on time, weather canceling ports, etc. What I can't find on the RCL site is any member reviews on the excursions - am I missing the link? Individual drink menu prices - it's hard to figure out if the drink
  12. I am so excited for my upcoming April Harmony of the Seas cruise. I am a pro on Carnival - Platinum status - totally spoiled. So here goes with my questions. Help please! 1. Embarkation - We have noon on our boarding pass although I have read we can get there as early as 10:15 in Orlando and they don't enforce the set time like Carnival. True? 2. Dinners - Do we really need to pay for all those specialty restaurants or will we be happy in the main dining room? Have done both on Carnival and I'm usually fine in MDR. 3. Wine package - does RCL have a separate multi bottle
  13. Can you confirm the name of the house band and piano bar player? We will be on her in two weeks!
  14. I have been cruising low carbs for years and unlike other vacations we take I don't usually gain anything! Another low carb trick (not sure if they qualify as Keto so apologies here): For lunch I head to the salad bar on the Lido and fill will lettuce, veggies and sometimes sesame seeds. Add some ranch on the side. Then if it's not too crowded I head to the deli and ask for a scoop of tuna on top of the salad. I've also been known to take the salad to the Cantina and ask for a load of shrimp and chicken too. That way I'm not tempted to eat the bowl!
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