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    Cinque Terre on our own??

    We will be on CCL Freedom arriving Livorno Oct. 2. We explored all means of getting up to Cinque Terre. We have 12 hrs. in port but having to make several train connections, we decided to try for better travel plans. We have engaged a guide that lives at the Cinque Terre and she has arranged a private van to come down to the port to get us and return us back there. The guide will stay with us thru the towns and reserve lunch accomodations for us. Our overall cost are less than any mentioned so far. If anyone wants further info write me at rosieknecht@aol.com. We have used Papillion several times. Their tour to CT only drives you to the ferry, drops you off and picks you up at the last town. Their price for our group of 12 was too much. Ship tours are too large...however, if that is your only means of getting to this unique and charming part of Italy....by all mean do so. If the sea is rough, the ferries do not operate.