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  1. Makes sense! After 4 cancellations and a large group we decided to go way out for booking.
  2. Thanks so much for your answer. Our 7 rooms are not booked until next June but 2 of the rooms want it due to not being able to carry carry on etc
  3. Our large group is all requesting refunds this time. I have to call though as the last booked cruise was $500 cheaper for the same trip when rebooked. They rolled that 500 into cruise credit. I don't want to lose that 500. I'm not going to roll my credits to a new cruise yet again so I guess if I lose it I do but get the other 2800 back. I know it's not in anyone's control but we were so disappointed our March 2021 was cancelled. We will go again when it's smooth sailing again.
  4. Ours will be different because we will get to experience in with with several other couples that have never gotten to cruise before 😄. We have a large group for the next cruise. We are the only ones that have went many times. We have three people that have done it once. And the rest are newbies! I'm very excited to see their eyes when they see those big ships for the first time 😁
  5. No the infants do not have them added. I have the biloling from taking he and his parents on two cruises since he has been between a year old and 18 months it is not added. I tipped out accordingly but here is the info directly from carnivals site. TRAVELING WITH INFANTS AND TODDLERS Making Your Cruise Reservation Cruise fares are per person which includes children and infants. When traveling with 2 full fare guests, additional guests in the same stateroom pay a discounted cruise fare. Children less than 2 years of age are not required to extend gratuities.
  6. Well that certainly wasnt my intention. Yes he was. There also are no added gratuities for kids under 2.
  7. I faxed in the statement proving I held at least 100 share for the OBC for our next March cruise. . How long should I expect it to take to be applied before I call or do it again? Its a week tomorrow.
  8. We now have 6 rooms booked for next spring. We would have done Sept but not all of our group could go then.
  9. I bought 100 shares about 2 weeks ago. Would one of you be so kind as telling me what I have to do to have the OBC credit applied to my cruise for next March?
  10. I called yesterday. We only need refunds on port fees, tips, excursions etc. We took a future cruise credit. We booked for next March. We booked our excursions right away for the new cruise. We had one of our five rooms decide they didn't want an excursion we had just paid for the new cruise. I immediately canceled it. Upon calling I wanted to know why I didn't see my $600 plus dollars in onboard credit for my room on the reservation. Why I didn't see $440 an onboard credit for the second room. Why I did see credits on rooms, 3 4 and 5 which were new and should have the big credits. I asked the agent where my refunds were when I was told it would be 7 to 10 days and that was over a month ago. She told me flat out to expect the refund to take 90 days or LONGER. If I had known they were going to be dishonest about the 7 to 10 days I wouldn't have went and rebooked the excursions for all five rooms on my credit card without having refunds for the first excursions for the cruise they canceled during the shutdown. I also had cruise cash and pixels credits.
  11. I just checked our documents and nope. Siling on Mar 23
  12. This is my worry also. We and another couple leave or NOLA next Friday my car and Cruise Monday. If so I guess we will stay in NOLA and have fun.
  13. I booked directly and didn't receive it either. We cruise on the 23rd.
  14. Ha ha! I've cruised out of NOLA twice. Quite the fun party town. I'll make sure I have a drink. Ha ha!! I'm not worried about missed ports really. If it happens it happens. I've been to both of them a few times. We have missed a port due to weather. No biggie. We have friends also going. It's their first cruise so I hope it all goes great for their sake. Besides we have some fun excursions planned. One is the same one we did last June.
  15. Is the 18 percent tip added onto every drink you get or is it on the price of the package?
  16. This is our 6th cruise but we have never purchased the cheers package. I'm wondering if the package starts as soon as we board in NOLA. A friend told me it starts the next day out of TX. I don't know if that is accurate or not. We are totally prepared to possibly not be able to Port due to Corona Virus scares and figure if it happens we might as well try Cheers.
  17. My husband says some of the places he stops that a stir stick would stand up straight in the coffee 🙂 Some of course is great. What do I know though.... I dont like Starbucks coffee unless it is jazzed up! Ive never tried Krispy Kreme.
  18. We recently returned from a 7 days cruise on the Miracle. I have loved everything about every single cruise but the free COFFEE! Whew is that stuff not to our taste. My husband says it is worse than truck stop coffee. Poor me I had to indulge in a cappachino from the coffee shop every morning 🙂 I rarely indulge in coffee shops as I need that cup ASAP in the morning so it was a nice treat very morning!
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