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  1. My husband says some of the places he stops that a stir stick would stand up straight in the coffee 🙂 Some of course is great. What do I know though.... I dont like Starbucks coffee unless it is jazzed up! Ive never tried Krispy Kreme.
  2. We recently returned from a 7 days cruise on the Miracle. I have loved everything about every single cruise but the free COFFEE! Whew is that stuff not to our taste. My husband says it is worse than truck stop coffee. Poor me I had to indulge in a cappachino from the coffee shop every morning 🙂 I rarely indulge in coffee shops as I need that cup ASAP in the morning so it was a nice treat very morning!
  3. We were just on the Miracle. I thought the shipe was in good shape. Every ship ha its pros and cons. Internet was on and off for us.
  4. I thought it was all pretty good! The only thing I didnt like was the alligator fitters.
  5. I think this is a fabulous idea if people are really removing tips. I worked in an industry that tips for 27 years so I tend to over tip. If youve ever worked in customer service you deserve it! I was disgusted on our recent cruise to see how some people treat Carnival employees.
  6. We had a hair dryer and fridge when we sailed in Feb. It was a junior suite.
  7. I work in a school with over 2000 kids. Im in close contact with kids. I made it though flu season here just fine. Had my shot I havent beeen sick in years. Dh and I came off a cruise and he got sick on the drive home. Ive been sick a week and dh 9 days. Worst flu I have ever had. Im an fanatic about hand washing , not touching railings etc. UGH! Im going on plenty more cruises though. I figure dh is not a fanatic and he infected me since he got sick first. Guess he better becoma a fanatic too!
  8. I am pretty sure FTTF lets us skip our assigned boarding time but wanted to make sure. I do not want to have the baby out in the heat. We are in Port Tampa
  9. Thank you so much for your answers!!! I appreciate it!
  10. Im wondering if shopping, beach etc are within walking distance at this port. Our adult kids will be off for the day and we will have the one year old grand baby. We are wondering what we can do within walking distance with a stroller. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know what the charge is for the Night Owls program? All I can see online is that there is a nominal charge. No amount listed. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Thank you so much for the answers! I knew their had to be a way!
  13. I already prepaid all the tips for them. Thanks so much for the info!
  14. Ive booked three rooms and we are taking our adult kids, spouses and children . We are paying for all three rooms. However we do not want to pay for all their sign and sail charges. How do we not have the charges for all three rooms on our credit card. I cant figure out how to not have our card on all three bookings. Im hoping one of you can help me out. Thanks!
  15. Im glad I read this! Our group will be 8 and I chose set dining time thinking we had to with a larger group to sit together. We have always had ATD before but never a group larger than 4.
  16. Ill have to ask what she made at the time and compare it to what minimum wage was at the time when we meet up next week. Now Im curious.
  17. A friend of mine worked for Carnival right out of college. I have no idea what the wages were at that time. She actually met her husband on the ship. She was a musician/ performer as was he. She did it also for the experience and not the money. She says it was a great experience.
  18. We were on it in Feb.The ship is i great shape and we had the most fun out of our 4 with carnival.
  19. We had one call after our 4th cruise. She called and text once each. I called her 3 times and left messages. I finally booked my 3 rooms for the 7 of us online :( I was not going to o get 3 balconies side by side waiting on her.
  20. I recently purchased it for 3 rooms. Can't say I like the increase but still bought it.one room has a person who can't carry their carryon bags a round. One room has a 15 month old. The third room couple is not going to as t to board alone.
  21. We were on it last July. It looked updated from our previous sailing years back. Everything was fabulous and the cruise Director Mike was phenomenal. I had never understood how people lived the cruise director. Mike was everywhere. We had a blast!
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