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  1. Congrats!!! That's the exact date and time another couple we are traveling with got their upgrade (inside to ocean view). I am pretty much assuming that means that the process is over, and those pending will stay that way. But who knows :shrugs:
  2. Keep your eyes peeled! We are also booked on the Getaway for 10/7 with 2 other couples. One couple was just upgraded from ocean view yesterday. We bid for upgrades from the balcony to a few different options. Still no word yet for us.
  3. Thank you for the info! Like I said, I was just curious. We've never sailed with NCL before, so we didn't know that had we been offered the upgrade with the wrong card, would the offer have been rescinded. Curiosity quelled. lol
  4. This is actually the first time any of us have cruised with NCL. I did update our payment method. I am merely curious if they offer the chance to people to update their card (should they fall into a situation where they did not catch it, like we did), or if they simply deny the offer and move on. An irrelevant question, but one I'm intrigued by nonetheless :D
  5. One group booked the same category and bid the same as we did. One group booked a lower category and bid higher.
  6. I'm curious about something... We bid on an upgrade, but the card we have on file was cancelled due to fraud. I just realized this today, and will update accordingly. However, I'm curious if anyone has ever had a bid accepted, but then lost out because their card was declined? I see that our offers are still pending, but the rest of our party has already been rejected. I can't tell if this is a good or bad thing...?
  7. Thank you! So basically, they can see that you've bid on multiple cabins, so they will assign one if you're accepted? Sorry - this is just such a foreign idea to me. lol
  8. Hi all! This is our first cruise on NCL, and my first cruise in nearly 20 years! I just put in a bid (exactly at 80 days, I'm eager) for an H7. I'm afraid it's a bit too low, so I'm hoping that ship capacity, being hurricane season, may be lower. ANYWAY! My question is, am I able to bid on 2 upgrades at once? Has anyone ever done this before? If so, is it possible for both bids to be accepted? I cannot decide between the two options, and I kind of want to leave it to fate if one is accepted... :o:o:o
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