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  1. Special promotions you can get from the travel agent. I always get some combination of additional OBC, pre-paid grats, specialty dining, chocolate strawberries, etc. depends on what promotion the travel agency is offering at the time of booking.
  2. No reserving of entertainment on this ship. There are not as many people on the Star as the larger ships. The theater was never filled so there will be plenty of seats.
  3. Posted them on the live update thread as well - here are all but day 3. I think i left those in Corfu.
  4. To close things out - here is our view from the post cruise stay in Venice. Hotel Paganelli with water facing room. It’s great! We are spending 2 more days here and then taking the train to Milan for 3 days there before we fly home. If anyone has any general questions about Venice or Milan, or any follow up questions about the cruise, feel free to ask. I hope you all enjoy your trips as much as we enjoyed ours! JC and Eric
  5. Last few thoughts. Not a huge fan of the Ginza restaurant. We ate there one evening. It was packed every time we walked by at night. It’s nice to be able to mix up a routine and try something else, and it’s complimentary, so definitely worth trying. I did not think the food there was great. A big bonus though - you can use your drink package to get Sake at the bar there. For those in Suites - I think the Concierge is brand new. He never really did anything for us and we could never find him. The last night we sat in the reserved suite seating in the balcony (the seats down below are better - just be far enough back to be outside the smoke zone) and he was outside there. So I guess he was spending his evenings protecting empty seats from the masses. We are used to the concierge making rounds around the specialty dining restaurants to check in on the suite guests. We really didn’t need anything from him, but we probably only saw him 3 times the whole cruise.
  6. Yankee - the tender information is on the daily day 2 and 4 a few posts after you posted the question in case you didn’t see it. It looks like they do tender and ticket distribution a couple hours before reaching the port. One day was at 5 o’clock somewhere bar and another was at bliss. Passengers with Latitudes Status, with ship excursions, or in suites did not need tenders tickets. They had very large tenders - looked like they could fit 100-200 people in each. There were only about 2500 guests on board, so the process seemed really quick.
  7. No problem jvswine. Hope any of this helps you for your cruise. Here is all the disembark info for those looking for timelines for transportation.
  8. I bought the week pass for Eric before the cruise because it was his birthday. He only used it three times, but he enjoyed. With no at sea days, the value may not be there to buy the week pass. If you are committed to go there multiple times, I’d say go for it. Otherwise maybe be a day pass when it works in your schedule.
  9. In my opinion there was no stop where you absolutely had to do a ship tour. The ports are different than the Caribbean ports - there aren’t a horde of private tour groups waiting outside the pier. Your options are probably either booking something third party, hiring a taxi at the port to take you where you want to go, or just exploring on your own. You stops are all in the main town/city areas - so it is easy to do your own thing.
  10. Angela - I think your son would have a better experience with a private tour for the game of thrones vs the NCL tour. If I could do it again, I’d do a private one through a third party. The excursion group was just too large and I saw a ton of private tours with just 3-4 people. Walking by them I could hear it was a lot more detailed, specific, and tailored to a small group. The production on the Star I thought was better than the Epic. But, I missed the Howl at the Moon and Karaoke was not every night.
  11. Jenny - they were not pushing any upgrades and no one was trying to sell us anything. We paid separately for a 24 pack of water. They did have a spot in the atrium that sold coffees and deserts, but we never used it. The coffee in the dining rooms is pretty weak though. If there is an package upgrade I didn’t see it. It may be worth it though for espresso and better coffees if you drink enough of that.
  12. You should be fine. They started disembarking at 740 (5 minutes early). As time went on it seemed they were getting people off earlier than the posted time. NCL provides the shuttles to the airport. A noon flight should be easily manageable. We had priority disembarkation, but it seemed like the process was really quick off the ship, getting luggage, and getting to transport.
  13. The cruise director was Dave and assistant was Guido. Dave from Australia and Guido from Australia. Dave was very personable and took time to talk to us a few times. Simba and Katarina with the entertainment team did a good job. We knew both Guido and Simba from a previous sailing. We did some of the shows. The two Russian aerial acrobats were fantastic. There are two productions (Band on the Run and Paradis). I liked Paradis better, but both were good. My cruise was their first live performance. We did not go to the Magician or Gaucho performances. The performers always go to the 7th deck on the left side to give the guests and opportunity to speak with or take photographs with them. The shows are only 45 minutes and start at 730 or 930. Some nights there are only one show. This was my first cruise with no sea days, so I skipped a lot of the things I normally do - did not do the trivia, bingo, or deal or no deal. The musicians on board that gave performances at the atrium and bliss lounge were all pretty good. There was karaoke every other night. At any given time during the evening there were 2-3 different music performers around the ship. General tip on shows in the stardust - don’t sit in the first 4 rows. The smoke machine is absurdly strong and blows well of the stage into the crowd in the first couple of rows. I dont remember the captains name - he made no announcements - Dave made all announcements. I think the captain was German.
  14. Bon voyage and have fun! Watching your departure from San Marco Square.
  15. Dubrovnik was Venture Through Kings Landing. We would not book this again through NCL. We would do a private tour instead. It wasn’t horrible, but the private ones looked much more personalized instead of one tour guide walking 50 people through the city. This was my second time to Dubrovnik - the first was 15 years ago before Game of Thrones. It’s almost as packed as Santorini now so expect a lot of crowds and tourists. The old town is about a 20 minutes bus/taxi ride from the pier. If you don’t do a tour there is a pay for shuttle bus and taxis waiting for passengers on the pier.
  16. In Argostoli we did Cephalonian highights. Well worth it and we would do it again. Includes the underground lake and a trip to the north point of the island. I think cephalonia was our favorite island. We will definitely go back. No need to do a cruise ship excursion here - you can hire a taxi to take you whoever you want. I do recommend the highlights tour though.
  17. In Mykonos we did the Delos tour - birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. It was a good tour - our guide was an archaeologist and did a great job. But a tour is not necessary because you can you can take the public water bus to Delos and buy the ticket to the ruins. Delos was a real surprise. The whole island is one archaeological ruin that they are restoring. I think eventually it will rival Pompeii in its restoration. There was enough time afterwards to walk through the downtown area. i don’t think you can go wrong in Mykonos with whatever you choose to do.
  18. 1) there were three ships in port when we got there but only 2 later. With two ships the lines for the cable car was about 1/4 line. It looked like several hundred people waiting. People who took it said it was about an hour in line. There are 2 sets of cable cars - each with 6 individual cars that fit 6 people in each. So each trip can carry about 36 people. I would check out the line and decide whether to wait or walk down the donkey steps. It took about 20 minutes to walk down the steps. 2) Disembarkation was a breeze. Everyone leaves off the 7th deck and takes elevators down. No issues with taking your own luggage if that is what you want to do. We didn’t take ours but we saw some with their own luggage. It was really easy picking up luggage too though. You get off the elevator and enter a huge warehouse where they have the luggage separated by groups. I’ll post the disembark information later.
  19. Yes - I am almost out of range of land though. I’ll post tomorrow when i get to Venice.
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