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  1. I’ll get you #1 and #3. We are doing Carney’s, Le Bistro, and La Cucina. We arent doing Moderno, so won’t be able to talk that one. We we are staying in San Marco area before cruise and spending another 2 days in Venice after.
  2. We are leaving tonight for an overnight flight to Venice. We will start posting some live updates when we get to the ship on Sunday. If anyone has any specific requests, let me know and we will see what info we can get for you.
  3. Sure it does. The Breeze is part of Carnival, which is part of CCL. I won't give money to a product (CCL), and contribute to the parent's bottom line and stock holding, that has engaged in shady cover-ups and intentional polluting. I realize the actual polluter in this case was Princess, but CCL leadership was aware of it and even tried to hide it. So for me, no Princess, Holland, or Carnival sailings until CCL cleans up their act.
  4. Normally I would say no difference between cruise lines. But, Carnival was just criminally found to knowingly polluting water. Who knows....maybe all cruise lines do it, but I probably won't sail a line that admits to criminal waste dumping into the ocean. So, I would probably recommend another line. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/carnival-ordered-to-pay-dollar20-million-for-dumping-plastic-and-garbage-into-the-ocean-—-cruise-line-tried-to-drown-its-deceit/ar-AACqCVP?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Royal, Celebrity, and Azamara have some kinds of status transfer because they are owned by the same parent. Generally, cruise status won't transfer to other cruise lines owned by a different company. The only exception is with MSC - they will match status when you first cruise with them.
  6. I’m on the June 9 sailing. Will post them in a thread for you.
  7. Celebrity has separate dining for certain category classes (Concierge, Aqua, and Suite). For example, they have an Aqua Class category for Balconies and that has exclusive access to a Blu Restaurant + additional perks. They also have another separate restaurant + additional perks for Suite categories. On Celebrity, I'll always book Aqua Class. The Spa access is great, but its really about the Blu Restaurant for me - its comparable to the quality in the NCL Haven or Suite only restaurants. As for NCL vs Carnival. There is no such thing as a bad cruise. I've only sailed Carnival once (and it was over 10 years ago), but it is normally the cheapest cruise line, and for some that gives it a reputation. I cruise based on itinerary, so I don't necessarily care what cruise line it is. If everything was equal (price, itinerary, ship size, etc) I would choose NCL over Carnival, but that is just personal taste.
  8. Using curse words in a sentence is not sexual harassment. If that was the case, just about every rapper and many other singers would be in serious legal trouble right now. Maybe a state or two may have some archaic law from the 1800s that bans the use of profane language in public (that probably isn't enforced anymore), but I am fairly confident that Cruise Ships sailing in International Waters are not enforcing US State laws....which state would they even enforce? All 50? 1? Edit - unless you are talking about labor/workplace sexual harassment and it being done to create a hostile work environment, but that doesn't apply in this situation either.
  9. I decorated the door on my last sailing (December) so it looked like Christmas present wrapping and handcrafted Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah on it. It was a big hit with the staff and no one told me to take it down.
  10. Agreed - that reads to me as verbally assaulting someone. And isn't about having a vocabulary that someone else finds offensive.
  11. One persons definition of vulgar and offensive will differ from another's. Without being there, I can't judge the OP or the woman. My recommendation for anyone would be, if you are offended by someone, go somewhere else and avoid that individual. Its a large ship with a ton to do. I'm not sure the ship can or should do anything about someone's perception of offensive language. With so many people from very diverse backgrounds and upbringings, I don't think it is a cruise line's place to police language - who gets to determine what is appropriate and what is not?
  12. Chip - when will you be sailing? We are on the 9 June sailing, but will spend a week in Italy after. I'll post our review when we get back the last week of June if that is not too late.
  13. This is great. Thanks so much for the recommendations!
  14. Thanks for the review! I'm on the Star in 4 weeks and have a few questions: For entertainment, which of the shows do you think were the must sees? We have a port intensive itinerary with no sea days and not sure we want to hit all the shows. Thanks for the tips for the restaurants - I don't understand why they differ so much between ships. In total we have 6 nights for specialty dining (2 for Platinum, 1 for AMEX, and 3 for UDP). Will definitely avoid Cagneys this trip. Would you recommend the Ginza restaurant over MDR for the 7th night? Sorry to hear about your embarkation/disembarkation issues.
  15. Also, I am pretty sure the $50 OBC credit you receive through the excursion credit perk is non-refundable OBC. A practice I use is call the Excursion number, pre-book the excursions but don't make payment. You will still get your % discount for your latitudes level. The excursions are then charged to your onboard account. That way you won't run of the risk of wasting OBC. I usually have $1k+ in OBC and need stuff to spend on so I don't waste the non-refundable OBC.
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