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  1. If you are sailing out of Barcelona you can bring any liquor wine or beer onboard if you purchase it at the terminal in the duty free after the security checkpoint. Although the rules say you can not, nobody on the boat will check your goods because you have gone thru security already, Drink for thought...
  2. Is this a new country they travel to? British Colombia? Perhaps near one of the other two Mexicos?
  3. Confused $59 x7 x 2 + 18% - $974.68 0r $487.34 each
  4. Unfortunately that's when is sets basically year round. You get another 40 or so minutes in the summer. But unless the country observes DST 530-630 is it. Waiting for the corrections...
  5. November 2018 MSC Seaside Sports Bar Prices
  6. We were onboard in October and November for 3 weeks and we saw couples waiting for these "more private tables" SO I guess to some, these are the best seats in the house.
  7. The problem as I see it is that people are ill informed about the "experience" system MSC uses. You can get a balcony cabin in "bella" experience for about 500 per week and you will have to pay for everything except MDR and buffet. Sometimes even pay for the bottled water. The have to dine when they tell you to, 515,715 or 915 and sit at the same table each night. So, although you got the cabin for a very good price, the "experience" left a bad taste in your mouth which ruined the entire vacation. But realistically, if you understood the "bella" experience you would realize you got more than you paid for. You went to the same ports as the Aureas and the Yacht Clubs. Saw the same shows, shops, bars, activities etc. If you pay for an Aurea balcony, about $1200, and upgrade to premium drinks for $56 per person then everything is included. Drinks, gelato, chocolates, coffees, waters, beer, wine, milkshakes, everything and the bar service is good. The MDR is anytime dining with other Aurea class passengers so the water and the wine flows freely, and for free. So you are not hounded to pay more, then everything tasted better. You go home with a positive experience and are willing to overlook some of the crew and ships deficiencies. If you go all the way to Yacht Club, then the food, drinks, and service are excellent and included. Private dining area, lounge, pool, high quality buffet, 20 hours of snacks, pizza delivery to you cabin, minibar filled with whatever you ask for. Never more than 200 people anyplace you look in Yacht Club. But you will pay more. Much more. We were in Yacht Club in October/November and then moved into an Aurea class balcony with a private whirlpool on the deck outside. The service was great. The food was great in Yacht Club and quite good in the MDR in Aurea class, which is anytime dining. Never had to wait for a table. Same waiters each night. A very positive experience. When reading a review, look to see what experience the reviewer purchased. Then you will understand the review better.
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