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  1. The ship was rocking bad all week. It was a bit scary walking the pier in and out. I was running around the island collecting my family after the announcements. They were rather efficient evacuating. We weren't there very long, just enough time for everyone to scatter. I saw several children scared, and understandably parents too. Crew kept us well into the middle of the pier and we were blown around into each other with gusts. My husband was on ship when they decided not to let any more passengers off, and for a few minutes they wouldn't let anyone come back on the pier either. I saw from th
  2. Thank you for these! Do you remember if the drink card was offered?
  3. I like bringing a pop up hamper to keep dirty clothes together
  4. If I wear my fitbit all week on the cruise and my phone is in airplane mode, at the end of the week will it know all of my steps for the week once it syncs?
  5. What does facial recognition do? Also, we don't want to self disembark, but want to get off at a decent time, (10:40 flight). I know they no longer ask your flight times, can we just go when ready or must we wait for our group to be called off?
  6. i had a suggestion for a video. if you can find enough co-workers to interview, you could ask them 'what would you want passengers to know that they may not know?'
  7. hi Chris, your videos are so interesting. i have a few questions. do you get benefits, like insurance, a pension, or a 401k? do you work hourly or salary? how many days in a week are you scheduled? are there many opportunities for advancement?
  8. i didn't know it was possible to schedule uber. i thought you just had to request when ready. how do you schedule?
  9. one day lounging by the pool a waiter served me several drinks over a few hours, each drink was only $5. i mentioned it, he said it's all for you miss lori! i tipped rather well i thought. the next day i sat in same area, happy to see him coming, i ordered again, got charged full price that day. which was fine, thats what i expected in the first place. but he either didn't seem to remember me, or i didn't tip as well as i thought i did. he was still very nice
  10. we are trying wj for the first time on our next cruise at least once. we noticed trivia that we are interested in, starts at 5 and we have early dining at 5:15. so we may have to skip the mdr. it may be opening our minds up to going more often.
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