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  1. i'm curious, if you buy a drink, (not with pkg) if you didn't like it, if the bartender would be nice enough to replace it?
  2. does real ID count? or is it just enhanced to cross by land?
  3. congratulations! how exciting! have you thought, you might be the one being proposed to?
  4. ive been watching the price for this, and it hasnt gone down at all from $119. has anyone noticed a sale, pre cruise, or onboard? i'm specifically looking at allure
  5. i just emailed crown and anchor and they told me our obc will be available 2 weeks before our cruise. i will call when i get time and hope for a better outcome.
  6. im bummed we're losing st kitts, and only going to be in san juan a short time, but i am so glad the cruise didn't get cancelled all together to get fixed early!
  7. ive read that allure has been having issues with their freestyle machines not working well, or at all. does anyone know if they have been fixed?
  8. do the drivers wait for you while you are at your destinations? i would worry about being stranded somewhere.
  9. that is too bad, but probably for the best. i would rather be there than at my desk working right now! have fun!
  10. i sure hope royal will train staff to be totally upfront with booking and explain this. i do love cruising with them, but they sure seem shady by "leaving" this key info out of booking on phone, or waiting til the very last part of booking online to be able to change price to refundable. their "sales" and how they do math seem pretty shady as well to those that aren't familiar with how they do things.
  11. I'm still waiting just to hear if allure will change our cruise in Nov from st Thomas to San Juan... I don't understand why they only changed until end of Oct. It would be nice to know how to plan our trip
  12. ours just opened up and its in Nov. from what i hear, its pretty random. just keep checking
  13. yes, 5:15 is awful early, but i told my family we can have second dinner later in the windjammer... the menus don't appeal much to us in main, but for some reason, with tradition my family insists that is where we are to eat every night. so i might nibble then head to wj and give it a try
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