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  1. Two per cabin, so 4. Assuming you have 4 adults.
  2. Once you start getting to those ages, I think DCL becomes much less exciting for kids unless you're hardcore Disney fans. My daughter is 9 and we're on the Fantasy in April and I'm pretty sure this will be our last cruise with DCL. She's looking over my shoulder and is very interested in the bigger slides and other attractions on Carnival and RCL.
  3. Oops yes! And they're very good about making sure you're ready and in place.
  4. I've never been solicited for a drink on Castaway. I know there are people going around, but they're not nearly as common as on the ship or perhaps they just have more ground to cover. It's a pretty short way to the bar shack though.
  5. No I've just read nearly endless appoints of people doing so. Same for the popcorn buckets. I'm sure it's not intended, but it seems to be accepted by the line.
  6. You do the launch, which is really just a kidn of normal feeling slide, then you sort of glide down the habitrail tube and can look out at the deck, there's a short drop of not quite a foot which gives you a splash, then through the funnel and back around the other habitrail, then down another slide to the end. Check out a video. Very mild. Load of fun.
  7. You're never getting a cabana unless you're platinum concierge, so don't worry about it. On the bright side, we've never had a problem finding someplace with shade to sit. To be specific about the beer mug thing, it lets you get a 20oz for the price of a 15oz. At the end, you can take it home as a souvenir. And thus far, nobody's had a problem bringing it back and getting the deals if they did another cruise. There's a drink of the day, which is cold and fruity and $6.50. There's a bunch of woo about getting more if you buy a souvenir cup, but Disney has never said this was the cas
  8. The Aquaduck is not nearly as aggressive as it looks. You're in a raft and it tends not to be a lot of jumps or rushes other than the initial launch and while you are in a spiral that goes out over the edge of the deck, you never notice it. I took my daughter when she was 7 and barely over the 42" minimum.
  9. We flew into FLL. Got a local motel and then an uber to port. $35ish motel to port, $50ish port to FLL.
  10. We have done the Fantasy and Magic and the moms preferred the Magic for the size and Rapunzel's dinner show while our daughter preferred the Fantasy for the larger kids club, but there's no lack of things to do. Off the top of my head AquaDunk instead of AquaDuck, no detective agency, no mini-golf, no hot tubs and one fewer sauna in the rainforest room.
  11. There's no question it will still be there in January. I'd expect it to be around until late spring or early summer, possibly longer.
  12. They usually announce about a year in advance, but it's pretty likely to be a Marvel cruise if its a 5 day from the 2nd week of January through the last week of Feb/first week of March. There's no Marvel characters for adult meets otherwise, though there's occasionally a Dr. Strange and Thor event in the kids club. FWIW MDAS is amazing. The deck show is incredible and we also loved the USO show.
  13. We missed Grand Cayman on our first cruise and they rolled out a full day of activities. I remember sitting in Cabanas and looking at what was available and I'd refresh the app and there'd be new things loaded in.
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