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  1. Embarkation in Vancouver in November may not have uscbp pre clearance so you might have a longer wait in San Pedro. 3 ships in Vancouver definitely will definitely be a challenge.
  2. My pleasure, it's fun to share. I'll be going on the Amsterdam, sky princess and grand princess over the next 12 months so more updates to come for those ships.
  3. Drydock is almost done - seems like mostly behind the scenes fixes such as new windows and new emission controls...but some new carpeting and screens as well (whcih you can see in a picture on this post, cut out of the wall on the left) https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2019/04/emerald-princess-4102019-drydock-update.html
  4. I know on the star which also got the newer tvs a while back, you could pair your phone or device to it to get your music on your phone (needs to be downloaded, not streaming unless you have the internet plan) - better than bringing a speaker. Could also view pictures from your phone. Not sure if the Carib has the same but its probably similar: https://sites.google.com/site/princesscruisesfaq/ships/tv-hookup-photo
  5. This is a trip review from late 2017. https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2017/12/pictures-of-star-post-drydock-121617.html and video is first post on this page: https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/search/label/star princess Yes, the star is older, but the original grand class boast a pretty good Passenger/tonnage ratio, 4 nice pools (1 with a cover) and was updated in late 2017 with some nice features. The new TV's in cabins are very nice.
  6. I've come across an old magazine xerox about the sinking of the original Prinsendam in the Gulf of Alaska. I also have blue prints. Are folks interested in me posting it? I only ask because it takes time to get all the images scanned. For those unfamiliar... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Prinsendam_(1973)
  7. We are elite on princess and 2 star on HAL. Both have their advantages and their relative shortfalls. What's important to note is that, in our opinion, food and service are very comparable - this is subjective obviously and some will say one way or another but overall, we've found it similar. Biggest gripes with PCL? Bigger ships and big crowds, they manage them well but there are certain times where the crowds can be annoying. Most of the time however, its not annoying. The decor of the Princess ships (non royal class) is a bit dated and unoriginal. Biggest gripes with HAL? We enjoy snacking, and we apparently enjoy snacking the 2 or 3 total hours of the day on a HAL ship when room service is the only option. Sure its relatively quick, but whenever we just want a cookie or something, by the time it came, there was food open somewhere or we weren't hungry. Seems like a minor gripe, but not an issue on Princess between 6am and midnight. The HAL entertainment sometimes is just non-existent. On port days, if you arent planning to go ashore, there just isn't much going on - no trivia, sometimes a movie, but generally nothing. We can both self entertain, but sometimes I want to partake in south american pop music trivia - with 5 other people on board...and you might get that on a princess cruise. Some people dont like the movie screen on princess, but i liked it better than the one on the few HAL ships that have it which seemed to be rarely used and with very odd choices. The Princess ships recycle the same concert videos and movies but they never bothered me and there are usually 3 other pool areas to enjoy. HAL recently started playing top 40 music on some of their ships in lounges when nothing else was going on - gosh i wish they would have stuck with instrumentals or silence! My gripes for both are minor. Pluses for both are different too. HAL pluses -disembarkation procedure allows you to relax in your room -live music performances for all tastes, very good -ship decor is contemporary and thought provoking, really enjoyed it -the crows nest is the best rendition of observation deck/coffee bar/lounge I have seen yet -gallery bar is a great addition to the ships that have it -the pool areas are half pool/half lounge, feels like a resort -our kids seem to like the clubs more on HAL (go figure!) -americas test kitchen partnership PCL pluses -several pools and spas -active and engaged cruise staff -always something going on somewhere -fast embarkation -international cafe! -discovery under the stars -movies under the stars -live sports on movies under the stars -piazza/atrium activities
  8. Our kids loved the HAL kids club on the Koningsdam - better than on Princess even which wasn't what we expected. As a child that cruised, I HATED the kids clubs, so every kid is different. As others have pointed out, there might be fewer kids on HAL vs NCL, so your child might enjoy that more? It really depends on the itinerary I think. HAL feels like a step up from NCL, the only thing that cruisers new to HAL seem to lament (we have cruised HAL, just mostly Princess as of late) is that there is not a venue that has food from say, 6am to midnight - there are a few times in the late morning and late afternoon where you may need to order room service if you must have food at that moment. Otherwise, its maybe 30-45 mins twice a day where there isn't any freshly prepared food at a venue. I will say however, that I've found the food quality to be from slightly to much better than average on HAL. The only other thing you should be prepared for is less activities in general vs NCL, RCCL, Princess, and Carnival and the activities that are offered are more cultural (music, cooking demos) - highly recommend going to an America's test kitchen show, even if you aren't a big cook, they have so many tips and tricks to make cooking easier and better, you really need to try. One really nice thing about HAL is the generally smaller ships - fewer crowds and shorter lines and always good nooks and crannies to read, play games, or just contemplate the meaning of life with a view of the ocean 🙂 Enjoy!
  9. Photos about half way down the page. https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=APq4FmDJ7MNF4IN7TXWRiV6DZ9n6v2yWfTcnpkaBnNS2nHwzIVdYMTpruR9Q0yNXgX3LL1uF5bNTuebB2IflRrj2zjaHE9iHXDqU3IEN_wx7QCnhwALYvxzrsoE2f4fAzy5ikNuAmhzm&postId=8926312222781335193&type=POST Don't worry, you are only a deck or two away from several very nice venues, including my favorite, the Gallery Bar
  10. here you go! https://sites.google.com/site/princesscruisesfaq/home/reservation-transfer-form on this site, look near the bottom for the PDF file.
  11. The number on the form is 206-201-2620
  12. id hold out for an upgrade, clearly the voyage isnt selling as well as they hoped.
  13. these items can help you maximize space Plug multiplier with 3 outlets and 2 USB - not many plugs in princess cabins Strong Magnetic hooks - for hanging things from walls (many are magnetic) and ceilings word of warning, use the spacer between the hooks - they are very powerful and very difficult to get them apart if you put them magnet to magnet
  14. detailed trip report here from october 2018 https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/eurodam-coastal-trip-review.html video of same trip report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5usujqeo6zc
  15. I believe she was drydocked in spring of 2018. She looked very good.
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