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  1. Eh, if they were serious about managing the overabundance of elites, they just need to make it like starbucks, and you need to have some moving threshold that requires continued patronage and/or "expiring credits". Elites get the special recognition they/we "deserve?", and Princess drives more revenue. Perhaps something like number of cruises must be equal to or greater than passenger age to meet elite level....can you imagine?!! My kids would be elite over me! 😄
  2. In an agent letter from Gus Antorcha "Due to current guidance regarding vaccination age requirements, if your clients' booking includes children who are younger than 12 years of age, we will be transferring the booking to the comparable 2022 voyage."
  3. Thats what we are figuring - for us it works best to switch to 2022 - and hopefully protect pricing. Not sure when we can get the kids vaccinated and we don't really want them to come on a cruise without the vaccine.
  4. Thats a good question. But these itineraries are RT Seattle only - so no Alaska cruise tours will "connect" and the voyages are very similar if not the same every week. Not sure if the CDC is allowing 7+ day voyages and that may extend to individual passengers.
  5. Nope - still showing Eurodam, July 10th departure... 🤪
  6. Booking engine is open to agents...call a TA or PCC. FYI, prices are pretty high and only balcony cabins and above are available.
  7. Still have the old number and still shows our voyage. Probably figuring out the logistics of moving everyone over. Since we are a party of 4 that makes things more challenging.
  8. Only at half capacity or less probably. TA booking engine shows cabins VD and above only.
  9. Interesting, we have a July 21 RT Seattle voyage on the Eurodam - got the letter indicating that they were switching us to the NA within 30 days but have not received a new confirmation number yet. I'm guessing that means our cruise will be canceled.
  10. My experience and observations from the west half of NA. Obviously, the big ports like Vancouver, Seattle, SF, LA, SD have docks. Skagway = docked Juneau = docked (but tendering does happen due to too many ships) Ketchikan = docked (but tendering does happen due to too many ships) Victoria = docked Nanaimo = docked Experience is as follows Astoria = docked usually, but tendered once Monterey = tendered Santa Barbara = tendered Catalina = tendered Ensenada = docked Cabo San Lucas = tendered Mazatlan = docked Puerto Va
  11. Thats true, but I thought I read that the crews are getting the Pfizer vaccines currently. Even though the J&J is probably close to as effective as the Pfizer/Moderna (since the JnJ was tested later in the pandemic when more variants were around), I have a feeling the cruise lines want the highest efficacy vaccine they can get. I predict in 2 or 3 years COVID infections on ships will be similar to noro infections with the CDC requiring a report at a threshold.
  12. And not either of the potential HAL RT Seattle Alaska ships (NA and Wdam, subbed in for Edam and Odam), or Emerald Princess. As was mentioned, the Majestic is heading to LA and is on the Alaska route, but the Ruby isnt supposed to sail until September I thought. Well start counting, 5 weeks until those crew are officially "vaccinated" so for the Majestic that would be end of June, for a skeleton crew.
  13. Just a guess, but a "sofa" is similar to the R class ships whereby the sofa has a mattress inside that raises up and there is no change in the footprint of the sofa. A sofabed might have something more like a hide-a-bed where the bed comes out and takes a larger footprint than the sofa and usually blocks clear passage to the verandah or window. This would be on the K dam and some of the vista class cabins. I'm just guessing here, I dont know for sure.
  14. As a Portland resident, I can understand your concern. I worked downtown last summer and it was a very surreal environment, during daytime everything was very nice but at night, it was a bit of an embarrassment. Things have calmed down in both cities, but the reputations of both are tarnished and a plurality of citizens are demanding the leadership take action. I might suggest an alternative for you...when we used to live in Seattle we would take the ferries to the Olympic pennisula or San Juan Islands (or even Whidbey island) and get an AirBnB and it was really nice. Hard to be
  15. Agreed, not without a lot of risk. But I don't think Washington was part of that lawsuit, so perhaps its not an issue for them. Did you book easy air? I'll be sad not to go, but after looking at the prices in 2022 currently, I'll be happy if they move us to the same booking next year. We had the "BOGO" deal on this cruise with some friends - they unfortunately can't go next year and we didn't get to keep that promo, but still got a great price on a balcony for this year. The Norwegian Bliss actually has some pretty good prices on their August sailings fr
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