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  1. We have a family trip booked on the Equinox, June 27, 2021 and yet my step-brother got the above posted e-mail cancelling his “2022 cruise on the Reflection”???? The email was forwarded by his big box TA. I called Celebrity and they believe he was sent the e-mail in error as our cruise is still on (for now, it was modified to 7 days) and he is still booked in the correct room. Has anyone else received this e-mail in error also? I am hoping it really was an error.....
  2. Want2Cruise 701: I was curious after reading the posts again and had some extra time (recently retired/nowhere to go because of Covid) so I called Celebrity (I booked through them directly) and asked about the pro-rating and now I owe more for a 7 day cruise than the 8 day. I wanted to make sure it would be adjusted and they would protect the rate, perks and original OBC. The second rep with whom I spoke contacted a supervisor and they adjusted my invoice so I now owe less for the new 7 night cruise than I did for the 8, I have my original OBC plus $100 and the perks are now showing. When I
  3. We are having the same experience as Want2Cruise 701 for a June Equinox cruise. I am waiting a couple more weeks to see if they straighten the fare out. Right now, we show owing more for one night less, lost our original OBC and our perks. I think Arizona Wildcat is probably right and am hopeful that Celebrity will eventually figure this all out and protect our original rate, perks and OBC. But I am following these boards to see how things progress, and will call if it doesn’t seem to get sorted out.
  4. As an update, we received notice (as did the other two in our group who booked directly with Celebrity) that our cruise had been modified to 7 days (we were booked on the 8 day Eastern Caribbean departing 6/26/21) and would receive one night credit pro-rated and $100 additional OBC and have the same room, etc. I called Celebrity as those in our family who booked with the big box TA had not received notification - the rep said that those end up being group bookings and it will take longer to modify their reservation, but they will receive the same as was described to us, it will just take lon
  5. We are the 8 night on June 25, so we are wondering along with Wesport........
  6. We are booked on the June 26, 2021 Equinox Eastern Caribbean for 8 nights - 6 rooms together, Mom’s 80th B-Day celebration. Just looked - the cruise still shows on my reservations, but it doesn’t exist to book anymore. The 7 night cruise that seems to replace it has our rooms showing as available, so it seems that they aren’t reaching out to current customers with the option to keep their bookings first. That is a bummer. We’ll see if they send us any notice. We booked directly with Celebrity, and some of the family booked with big box and other TAs.
  7. Refunded in full (finally), timeline: April 3 cruise cancelled by Celebrity in March. Requested a refund using Celebrity’s link sent via text. No acknowledgement. Big Box TA through which we booked sent email link to either request a refund or 125% CC. Filled out link April 2 requesting refunds for our cruise and my Mom’s (we booked both Rooms). April 10 received email confirmation from Big Box TA regarding our request for refund for 2 rooms with the verbiage that it may take up to 90 days for the refund. Paid excursions refunded almost immediately to original form of payment
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