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  1. The Water Park is currently $53 for my May 8th cruise on Mariner. $130 seems like a steep increase for your cruise. But they can technically charge whatever they want. You don’t have to buy.
  2. I’m not elderly but have a compromised immune system. I wouldn’t take a cruise in the affected areas until the virus is under control. But it wouldn’t stop me from cruising anywhere else. It depends on your level of immunocompromisation though. Mine isn’t chemo induced and I know that I will be ok in circumstances that are not extenuating, like coronavirus. I won’t let a virus that is primarily in one area cripple me from traveling in other areas.
  3. I absent mindedly bit a hangnail at Universal and got norovirus. I’m usually so careful and keep sanitizer on my belt loop. We have annual passes and I’ve never gotten sick before, despite having neutropenia (ave. WBC 1.7, ANC 0.2 for the nurses on here). I actually got hospitalized and they used the plain surgical masks when interacting with me. Masks aren’t going to protect people 100% but if there’s a outbreak on the ship I’d rather have one than not. I’d just avoid biting hangnails and wash my hands. 😂
  4. Dang. I may have been fooled by a fb posted article. I know that some schools in south Florida were quarantining due to a possible case there but I could have sworn I saw it was confirmed. I will trust the cdc over fb though. 😂 But my advice to the OP still stands. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Some people pack the kitchen sink anyway. What’s a few flat masks in a suitcase gonna hurt?
  5. The first case has already hit Florida. As a nurse, I wouldn’t plan like you’re going to get it, but it wouldn’t hurt to put a few masks in your suitcase in case it appears it might be on the ship. You can get them at Walgreens, etc. Worst case scenario, you’re more prepared/protected than others. Best case, you don’t need them.
  6. I do understand the difference. But the OP said that it has been done before so it’s possible. Perhaps the difference is that an Oasis class ship is capable of it. Something to consider.
  7. I feel for you. If I love my guts, I have to stick to the autoimmune protocol diet (which is even more restrictive than keto). It’s very difficult to cook/prep for and eating out is pretty much impossible. That’s why I can’t stick to it and my guts hate me for it. However, a no salt diet isn’t usually an option. 😥 When will you be on Mariner?
  8. It’s been between $60-69 for Mariner in May. Sits at $60 most of the time so I went ahead and bought it but I don’t have to like it. 😜
  9. That’s funny, because I feel the same way. It’s ironic that your name is brillohead because I think you’re very abrasive. This is not the first thread you and I have clashed on. I think it’s best we ignore each other.
  10. I never said older ships would never fit scooters. I said newer ones would definitely fit them.
  11. I think whether or not the scooter fits in the room will depend on the room/ship. I, personally, wouldn’t want the scooter in the room. They’re small enough as it is. But newer ships should have no issues with the doors being wide enough for scooters.
  12. The accessible rooms for the sailing I was looking at are already gone except for suites. This is going to be a difficult search.
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