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  1. As a beach lover, Boatyard is at the top of our list on our cruise. My question is what time does it close? When we were in Cozumel a couple of months ago, we were run off the beach at 4:30 which was way too early for me. What are the options for the evening since Carnival has extended our day in Barbados? YAY!!
  2. thanks so much. Already got it worked out after so many responses. Flying in the day before. Already got our rooms reserved.
  3. Hockeyluver.. can you give me some more details on the Holiday Inn Express? I have it booked for April 2020. Is it close to Old San Juan? Any tips?
  4. Anyone stayed here? After the fine people on here have encouraged me to take an extra day and come in the day before my cruise to keep from having flight delays, I have booked a night at the Holiday Inn Express in San Juan since I have a free anniversary night there. Any reviews?
  5. thank you for your report. glad it turned out well for you. Looking to come the day before now..
  6. thank you everyone. I will see if we can fly in the day before.
  7. We will be flying out of Knoxville TN in April. I will check out the san Juan Intercontinental. Thanks so much.
  8. I have booked a cruise for next Spring 2020. I have a friend going with me. When is the latest time I can add here name to the room? Just in case she cant go..
  9. Due to work schedule and a 7 day cruise, we will be flying into San Juan on embarkation day. Our flight is supposed to arrive at 1 and we dont embark until 6. With that said, we bought insurance from Carnival on the website. Anyone have experience with missing the ship and what happens? How does the insurance work? How do you get on your cruise? Thanks for any help with this.
  10. Will be coming into Cozumel during spring break on the sensation at 12 noon port time. Have reserved Mr. Sanchos, but just found Nachi Cocom and saw that it is open until 6:30 for our cruise ship. Thinking I should probably switch. Coming with a friend so it will just be the two of us with no kids. Same price. thinking a no brainer but have read a few bad reviews lately from Nachi Cocom. Any help appreciated. seems like the extra 1.5 hours would be a better option.
  11. what is play as you go? Didnt know that was an option? Not really that interested in drinks mostly there for the beach.
  12. We will be arriving in Cozumel on a Saturday and our ship does not port until 12 noon. Mr. Sanchos closes at 5 pm.. is it worth it to do half a day ? will there be any chairs left by then? This was the one place I really wanted to go. We do have FTTF so hoping we can get off the ship fairly quickly. Any suggestions?
  13. thank you .. that is what i was thinking too, but wanted to be sure.
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