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  1. I wish theyd skip Nassau instead.
  2. I just booked a trip on Saturday while on the allure and was told st. thomas. I have not been informed otherwise.
  3. I am going to St Thomas in August and havent heard anything?
  4. Thanks. Ive just never seen this.
  5. Where do I drop my luggage if parking in the garage in Miami. I received this message: If you're parking at Terminal A, go up the ramp to the parking garage where porters will receive your luggage; no need to bring them downstairs. Thank you!
  6. What are the free restaurant/dining/snack places on Allure? Thanks!
  7. If another goes out, then what? I am nervous about this!
  8. Thank you and thank you for your help!! It is much appreciated.
  9. The company is on rccls recommended page for assistance. They said it will fit. They are supposed to place it inside the cabin the day of arrival. They said it goes in the smallest of rooms.
  10. The next time I will advise them to book a handicapped room if still these difficulties. They are qualified as handicapped by the state.
  11. I talked to the scooter company. They said a regular room is fine. The cruisee feels it will be okay now with a way to get around.
  12. Great news everyone. Once I found out I can reserve a scooter, my cruisee has decided that will work! Thanks for everyone's advice!!
  13. I just have never had to do it so didn't know. I just learned as did the cruiser. Thank you!!
  14. A family member has gotten to the point where they can't walk and are unable to take the cruise, as they can't get into a specialist for several months, after the cruise. At this point we are still outside of the 30 day range. Should we go ahead and cancel or should we wait until closer to time of the cruise to cancel? If we cancel now, we still get back 25 percent, but is it to early for the travel insurance, or better to wait until closer to time, forfeit all 100 percent of the cruise, then file? She has a regular doctor who referred her to the other doctor, and went to the emergency room for same issue, but they won't do anything for her. Please advise. Thank you.
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