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  1. It appears only Anthem from what I'm reading on blog posts. But a great ship!
  2. I'm SO pumped for that. Is the amplification supposed to look like the Mariner/Navigator amps?
  3. I hope we see more Baltic sailings! There are so few with this new batch!
  4. I'm waiting for more Baltic cruises to load up. There's about 3ish or so in the window of June-August 2021 all on Jewel. I'm hoping a few more appear between now and tomorrow. Itching to book! Has anyone confirmed up if Odyssey is the only ship with itineraries coming out in Europe phase 2? Between this and Disney Plus launching today, I'm just attached to my computer hahaha
  5. Honestly I would not book a Boardwalk again. We were on one in December on Harmony and we could not stand the noise. We're not old by any means, we're in our 30's so noise isn't normally an issue. The thing that was a lot was that the carousel was obnoxious. There were also lights going all the time. I didn't mind having the movies and Aqua Theater, not a problem at all. It was the carousel and just standard boardwalk music that was too much. The room itself was great, I just wouldn't book the location again. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer!
  6. Have yet to receive anything for June 19, 2020. Fingers crossed!
  7. I keep checking, no additions yet for my June Ovation sailing.
  8. I've seen on the Facebook group rumblings that various Ovation May/September sailings have gotten the email for Glacier Bay. Hoping my June Ovation sailing switches!
  9. This was an AMAZING thread! I've enjoyed it so much! Can't wait to see if other people in coming cruises add on to the experience. Loved it all!
  10. This thread is everything!! Hoopster, question for you! Did they charge you a fee to go up in the North Star on glacier day? I've heard rubblings of that about social media and wanted to get your take. Beautiful photos!
  11. Went on Harmony and I feel like the show was at least an hour and a half. Can't remember if there was an intermission or not. Great show!!!
  12. We went on it on Jewel two years ago and it was out of this world. The tour took us all over and we got to ask tons of questions. The spread was incredible and done buffet style. The food was endless and the chefs were so awesome. Did the same galley tour on Harmony in January and it was a disappointment. The tour was pretty lame overall. We took one little spin around the galley and they hardly answered a single question. The brunch was so sad compared to Jewel's spread. It was a little menu printed with two choices per category. The couple next to us had been on multiple galley brunches too and also agreed that Harmony's was a bit lackluster. I think it truly depends on the ship and who is running the tour. We had complete opposite experiences on both ships. If you've never done one before, absolutely go!!
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