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  1. For any of those on Baltic Cruises, I was just able to make a mock booking for my exact trip (Adventure) now on Jewel. No loss on St. Petersburg! My sailing is 6/17/21
  2. The overnight is crucial to me no matter how it shakes out. But what a bummer on all of the tours and such! I’m sure a ton of work went into getting it exactly right!
  3. The overnight is crucial to me no matter how it shakes out. But what a bummer on all of the tours and such! I’m sure a ton of work went into getting it exactly right!
  4. Oh you nabbed that straight away!! The reason I bring it up is because a friend of mine on Insta is attempting to do just that, she has Key, drink package, and excursions all booked. She said RC is getting back to her on if they will honor everything since it is the same itinerary (fingers crossed!)
  5. I agree with you there, I was looking forward to going on Adventure. I had never been on her. However I have a soft spot for Jewel. I sailed her on my honeymoon a few years back. Have you booked any of your excursions yet? Wondering if they will transfer over as well. I haven't yet on my end.
  6. Perfect. I'm glad- sounds like you have a very similar trip to me. Did you say you're on the 10 day but in August?
  7. Ken, where did you get the confirmation that Adventure itineraries will directly transfer to Jewel? That's my one main worry, losing my overnight in Russia. I have gone before and LOVED it! Would love to get your insight so I can feel a little more confident haha
  8. You're right... the girl I just talked to was clueless. Do you know of a number or email to get information via the redeployment desk?
  9. I'm hoping we are both correct! I was on the 6/17/21 Adventure sailing, 10 Day Ultimate Scandinavia. I'm chatting with them via Twitter now to try and get a handle on what the new days look like. I will keep this thread updated!
  10. Ah, Hi Ken! Must have been typing when your reply came up. So can I assume based on what you're saying, my Adventure cruise is identical in terms of my ten day sailing/ports but just on Jewel?
  11. I just got the email and I'm wondering if St. Petersburg is out for Baltics
  12. I'm super hoping this is the case. I'd be fine on Jewel if it meant I get to keep my ten day sailing out of Copenhagen
  13. Same, I love Russia so that overnight was clutch for me. I just checked my reservation and no changes thus far. I also went to mock book the same cruise and it is still bookable. We shall see...
  14. I agree! I got a great price on my 6/17/21 sailing. I especially chose it for the overnight in Russia (as I’ve been before and loved it)! I hope they can still have a similar itinerary if all of these changes come to fruition.
  15. I'm just hoping for a ship switch, it appears Baltics is still in the game, just a different ship. Hope they keep the 10 day itinerary I'm on around.
  16. I'm anxious to see how this impacts my 10 day Baltics cruise on Adventure in June of 2021
  17. I'm just out here waiting for the rest of these Baltic itineraries to ever show up....
  18. It appears only Anthem from what I'm reading on blog posts. But a great ship!
  19. I'm SO pumped for that. Is the amplification supposed to look like the Mariner/Navigator amps?
  20. I hope we see more Baltic sailings! There are so few with this new batch!
  21. I'm waiting for more Baltic cruises to load up. There's about 3ish or so in the window of June-August 2021 all on Jewel. I'm hoping a few more appear between now and tomorrow. Itching to book! Has anyone confirmed up if Odyssey is the only ship with itineraries coming out in Europe phase 2? Between this and Disney Plus launching today, I'm just attached to my computer hahaha
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